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{review} cv skinlabs restorative skin balm | life in blush

January 16, 2015

{review} cv skinlabs restorative skin balm

life in blush review of cv skin balm

There are two things I can count on every winter. One, that I will always mutter how this is the coldest winter ever (even though it’s not true and as a Canadian I shouldn’t act so surprised that it’s cold), and two that the eczema on my elbows and ankles will drop by.

And stay.

Being a beauty blogger I’ve spent a great deal of time researching and testing products (both store bought and personal formulas) to try and combat those patches of dry, itchy skin and most days I can keep it at a manageable level (i.e. it’s there, just not flared up), but it never truly goes away.

I feel like I’m constantly getting rejected by my eczema and by people who happen to see it and give me this weird, uncomfortable look.


Perhaps I’m meant for greater things and I’ll be called up for assignment soon.


Earlier this week I dug into my treasure box of beauty samples and found a package of CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm (advanced therapy for severely dry, cracked skin) and thought “well, why not?”.  

Me after one use:

not bad

Me after one week:

golden globes 2015 emily blunt john krasinskiIt was looking very promising. How have I not tried this brand before?!

CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm is a 100% natural non-petrolatum cure-all balm ‘designed to coat skin and create a soothing barrier to trap in moisture’.

Winter dryness? Pffftttt. Those words become irrelevant. 

I’ve tried a lot of these oils and spices on their own but I guess the harmony that’s created from combining star performers like turmeric, reishi mushroom, calendula and sea buckthorn is what is allowing the beast to be tamed.

Why hello there CV balm.

christinaHonestly it wraps your skin in this cocoon of long-lasting hydration that has completely evaporated the eczema on my elbows. The patch on my ankle is a bit more fickle, but I feel hopeful.

I apply it twice a day and it’s been working to keep the patch hydrated so I’m hoping that eventually the patch will be encourage to ‘move it along’.

If you suffer from mild eczema or really dry patches of skin brought on by winter I highly recommend you give this one a try! It costs $31 for a 15 ml (about a 4 month supply) and can be picked up at The Detox Market.

About CV Skinlabs

Britta Aragon, founder & creator of CV Skinlabsdiscovered her passion for promoting safe self-care through her experience as a caregiver during her father’s eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor of Hodgkin’s disease herself, she understands firsthand the devastating effects cancer and cancer treatments can have on the skin. When she tried products specifically targeted for “sensitive skin,” they were often laden with potentially harmful chemicals that actually irritated her father’s fragile skin. She became acutely aware of how devastating the side effects from drugs and medical treatments could be. Inspired and determined to help others, she founded Cinco Vidas in 2008, and dedicated her work to her father’s legacy.

  • Inspiring story and lovely ingredients! This brand is definitely on my radar.

  • *use to say

  • Happy to hear that you have found a cure. The holistic people sue to say that all symptoms are messages… Well, duh, how about a dictionary “body – english” then?! I agree generally, but those body signs are a bit tiresome and tedious to decipher.

    Q: Would this cream be suitable for people with neurodermatitis, what does CV Labs say? – A friend asked, she spends a lot of time swimming, so the skin gets the whole nine yards of stress in winter.

    • Hi love! I firmly believe that all outward symptoms are our body’s way of telling (or yelling) us what’s imbalanced internally. I’ve spent almost two years trying to figure out what it needs me to understand when it comes to this patch on my ankle, but I honestly feel like we’re talking different languages! The only thing that helps it almost go away is when I’m on vacation in warm climates. Go figure huh?

      I’m not sure if if would cure neurodermatitis, but I believe it would definitely soothe it. That being said I’ve sent the company a note asking for their opinion and will update my reply once I’ve heard back!

    • *UPDATE*

      Hey Nath, I heard back from CV Skinlabs and they recommend the Body Repair Lotion instead of the balm as the balm was meant for smaller patches of skin. The lotion is much better suited to those who have dermatitis.