June 6, 2014

{review} christine chanter botanicals ‘bush country’ and ‘muscle’ oils

life in blush review of christine chanter botanicals bush country and muscle oil

My mother always encouraged me to smell the roses but more than anything I remember the honeysuckle climbing and hugging the arched arbor and blessing me with its sweet delicate smell.

christine chanter

Happy Friday blushers! I was first introduced to a local brand, Christine Chanter Botanicals, at the Health Hut Boutique and Fresh Faced hosted event, Green + Good, and immediately fell in love with its persona. I gave my friend, who by the way has the most perfectly manicured beard without even trying, my sample of the Beard Oil and after taking in its wonderful ‘ woodsmany’ scent resolved to pick up the female equivalent product, Bush Country.

(upon seeing the label: “sh*t my gawd that is THE best name ever!”)

jurassic park

Concocted one night over a glass of wine with friends (so amazing right?!) Christine developed an oil specifically to adorn our lady parts with the same nourishing care we pay to our face. Trained by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD chemist and one of the world’s leaders in aromatherapy, Christine sources the majority of her oils from Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations and truly a supplier of the highest calibre quality of essential oils on the market today.

After 20 years of dabbling in therapeutic blends her brand went public with the following promise:

Jump in and we’ll take you down the fragrant river that winds its way through the world, connecting us to each other in its sensuous vibrant stream of consciousness.

Jump in I did! Not only did I buy the Bush Country oil, but her Muscle oil as well to help grease the wheels of those ‘achy’ spots (that I could totally correct if I stopped being so lazy about my daily stretches).

scorecard: bush country oil 

ingredients: pink grapefruit, cinnamon bark, black pepper, sandalwood, vetiver, benzoin, lime, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, vanilla absolute essential oils of authentic and genuine grade in organic golden jojoba oil.

performance: housed in Italian glass with a roll-on topper this blend is predominately ‘summery sweet’, without being too overpowering. Christine has perfectly captured the right balance of feminine, thanks to the gorgeousness jasmine and pink grapefruit bring to the table, with masculine that vetiver contributes in order to illicit feelings of strength and confidence. In short I think this is a scent that will appeal to everyone. Oh and it really does a good job of keeping the skin adorning one’s lady bits highly nourished and in tip top shape!

price: $36 for 30ml

where to buy: online at Christine Chanter Botanicals

for-the-win? yep. I’ve totally got the hots for this oil.

eyebrow flirting

scorecard: muscle oil

ingredients: lemon eucalyptus, Australian lemon balm, peppermint, basil, Scotch pine, Canadian black spruce, marjoram, wintergreen, blue tansy, immortelle essential oils of authentic and genuine grade in organic golden jojoba oil.

Nary a plant was sprayed, nary an animal was compromised, just the best of the best from soil and sky

performance: roll this baby on to any of your minor achy spots or dilute it with your favourite carrier oil (ie. jojoba) for a massage; there’s an immediate localized cooling sensation that helps to provide relief which is why I like to keep it in my purse. Sitting at a desk all day and I’ve got back and shoulder aches popping up so I simply whip this beauty out, swipe, swipe and back to work for me. Be warned though it has an intoxicating woodsy/citrusy scent so it may make you want to pull an Office Space move and simply leave work altogether.

office space

price: $40 for 30ml

where to buy: online at Christine Chanter Botanicals

for-the-win? it shore is, that baby cooled the flames of my sore muscles!


Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have a great weekend!

  • Jojoba oils infused with essential oils, that recipe sounds like my darling Green Love perfumes that I’ve been using as serums 😉 It sure smells lovely, it has got all it takes to do so.

    However, I am yet to find a dude who’s into Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine! 🙁