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February 21, 2014

{review} chocolita

chocolita organic chocolates

Not that you ever need a reason to eat good chocolate, with or without Downton Abbey (although really, when is there not a good time to watch it??), but here are a few decent ones as to why you should stock up on chocolita – a new brand of organic and nutritious chocolates that I’ve recently become OBSESSED with.


One, the flavours are so exotic -pine pollen & lemon, blueberry lotus and moonlime rose are just a few of the bars that came bundled in the variety pack I ordered; two, the ingredients are organic, wild-crafted, GMO-free, low glycemic and include pretty unique things like blue lotus essential oil; and three, it forces us to rethink our perception about chocolate..and the guilt we feel for binge-eating it. And why do I binge eat chocolate?


The Mayans goddess of chocolate, lxcacau, was a symbol of strength, fertility, pleasure and love. She also served to remind her people to slow down and make bliss an integral part of life. A superfood in its pure form, we somehow forgot to keep it that way. Transformed and weighed down by artificial ingredients, most chocolate today no longer serves to nourish us, but rather to spike our blood sugar and our guilt.

I’ve nibbled here and there on most of the options in my variety pack and so far my favourites are pine pollen & lemon for it’s light, yet sweet, lemon flavour and blueberry lotus for its complex pairing of ingredients -you can really pick up on the blueberry and vanilla notes.

Apart from discovering wicked awesome chocolate this week I’ve also realized something else…


Seriously, a quick nap or two at some point in the day can really make you feel jazzed. What was the highlight of your week?

Thanks for joining me this week and have a great weekend blushers!

  • Margie

    Such a FUN way to end the week!! Lucy and Ethel’s scene remains one of their very best…a classic! Great post, thanks for my morning pick- me- up!

  • Um…YUM!!!

    • lifeinblush

      i’m with you girl!