September 19, 2014

{review} camp dreamcatcher youth serum

CAMP Skincare DreamCatcher Youth Serum

Happy Friday blushers! Earlier this week I fangirled over how incredible black cumin seed oil is for your skin and internal health (here) and now it’s time to gush over a small luxury skincare line from Toronto that brilliantly used this oil in their Dreamcatcher Youth Serum. 

So what’s CAMP all about?

To CAMP is to embrace minimalism and natural knowledge. When you head into the wilderness, you need to pack tools that will serve you well but too much stuff is a burden – on you and on nature. So pack light and pack smart. But life is about more than just surviving – we want beauty, health and longevity! Those who truly thrive know how to access the powerful plants, flowers, roots and seeds around them. When we respectfully and skillfully unlock these treasures, our journey becomes effortlessly beautiful.

veronica mars

Does that just not completely emulate my philosophy about life and skincare?! You can then understand why I became so deliriously excited about the chance to try out their product.


ingredients: jojoba oil*, borage seed oil, egyptian black cumin seed oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil*, essential oils of helichrysum, carrot seed, chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli *organic

>>about the ingredients>>

  • jojoba oil: rehydrates and repairs on a cellular level.
  • borage seed oil: greatest natural source of GLA – an omega 6 fatty acid that stimulates skin cell regeneration.
  • egyptian black cumin seed oil: prized by Cleopatra for its beautifying effects, it’s known to fight blemishes, reduce redness and clarify the complexion.
  • evening primrose oil: restores the skin’s barrier functions, fights dryness and promotes elasticity.
  • rosehip seed oil: anti-aging; highly effective on UV-damaged skin, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and dehydrated skin.
  • helichrysum essential oil: repairs free radical damage, rebuilds skin tissue, soothes inflammation and protects skin from future UV damage.
  • carrot seed essential oil: restores skin’s elasticity and revives damaged skin. Contains a natural SPF of 35.
  • chamomile essential oil: soothes dry, irritated or inflamed skin.
  • lavender essential oil: stimulates circulation and balances skin’s natural oil levels.
  • ylang ylang essential oil: increases moisture in dry skin and regulates oily skin.
  • patchouli essential oil: rejuvenating; an active tissue regenerator.

After using these ingredients this is the only thing your friends will hear from you.

lucy liu

price: $38 for 15ml

where to buy: online here


Guuurrrrl you’re going to have such damn fine skin that confidence is literally going to bust out of you…like Danny Castellano out of his shirt on the premier of The Mindy Project. 

danny castellano_1

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have a great weekend!

CAMP Skincare DreamCatcher Youth Serum_2

Ok because I love you guys, here you go …

danny castellano_2

I will watch this scene every day until I die …

danny castellano_3

Holy hell …

danny castellano_4


  • Hey there! Just wanted to say I’ve recently discovered your blog and I feel like I’m learning about so many awesome sounding products because of you. This looks amazing!

    And yay, another Mindy fan. She’s just the best.

    • Hey Trina! Welcome to the blusher community 😀 I’m so excited to hear that my site is helping you on your green beauty journey. If you ever have any questions feel free to shoot me an email, tweet, fb note, etc.. anytime! And omg I love you even more because you’re a Mindy fan. Her and Danny Castellano absolutely make my week every episode.

  • If it weren’t for this review I wouldn’t have stayed up all night last night watching The Mindy Project and completely falling in love. I actually just bought Mindy Kaling’s book as well!! She’s amazing. I love her confidence. I’ve also had a crush on Chris Messina for so long now… my god he is gorgeous. These GIF’s gave it away that they end up together but that’s okay because I could figure that out just from watching the first two episodes of the show anyway! haha it’s SO GOOD.

    I have to try that serum VERY soon. Your skin is flawless.

    • isn’t it THE greatest show?! Her book is so funny and I may even pick up the audio version as well just because I love it so much.

      yes! you must try this serum if you get the chance -the people behind CAMP really blended something pretty special here. xo

  • I love their packaging & love how they’ve come up with the obvious when you think about it but so clever! Sounds very dreamy 😉

    • I know right?! I had wondered about that and then when I read the explanation it was ‘ah of course!’. Happy Friday Amber! xx

  • What a beautiful brand and philosophy. Your skin has been looking amazing and I’ve been excited to finally read your review of this ever since your comment on using it. The ingredients are beautiful!

    P.S. I can see what show you’ve been obsessed with. 😉

    • Thanks love 😀 I hope you get the chance to try this blend, it really did wonderful things for the health & glow of my skin 🙂 Have a great weekend Megan! xx