October 28, 2013

restyled cosmetic bags

restyled cosmetic bags

Years ago I never really cared about the look of my cosmetic bag, as most of them had pretty standard designs. Today however, cosmetic bags have taken on this status as a chic accessory for your makeup, with designers even creating versions that can double up as a clutch. Here are a few favourites I’d proudly display on any vanity table:

  1. playful and functional this bag can tote all of your essentials (jouer cosmetics; $65)
  2. stylize a weekend away with this tartan bag that will hold all of your on-the-go makeup needs (marc jacobs; $107)
  3. a cheeky canvas bag that can easily double up as a clutch (pamela barsky; $18)
  4. organize your makeup with a pouf that stylishly celebrates the majestic elephant (stella & dot; $24)
  5. apart from adoring the lovebirds on this pouch, I love the fact that this company is carbon neutral and uses high quality ingredients like certified organic cotton (apple & bee; $36)


  • Margie

    Always something new, fun and important ( like the post on sugar ) to learn from Sonja’s posts.
    Makeup bags that can double as a clutch is definitely something new to me.
    Lots of great choices and price ranges in this collection.

    • thanks! I love products that can multi-task beyond their original intention – makes their purchase so much more justifiable 🙂