November 20, 2013

rebuilding gut health with daniel vitalis

daniel vitalis gut rebuilding

After reading this article by Elaine Brisebois, a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, I decided to challenge myself for the month of November to improve my digestion. As part of that challenge, I attended a virtual conference last week, hosted by Summer Bock, in which a variety of experts talked about gut health.

Daniel Vitalis, one of my favourite experts who lectures on the idea that we need to “rewild” ourselves, spoke about how we are maintained by our micro-biome. The subject of  “gut health” is really a look then at its degeneration. Since the start of the neolithic revolution, when agriculture first appeared, we have moved further and further away from how our ancestors lived thereby causing the degeneration of our bodies – the very opposite of evolution. Gut health is just one segment of how we can get back to our natural state and nourish our bodies both on an individual level and as a species.

Here are a few key highlights from Daniel’s conversation with Summer:

  1. remove canola oil, vegetable oil and trans fats from your diet. Vegetable oils are the worst things you can consume because they’re made of four different types of GMO seeds, have been so oxidized and destroy arteries;
  2. add fermented food to your diet (i.e. sauerkraut, kimchi, kefer, kombucha)
  3. consume foods rich in omega-3 fats i.e. grass fed animals if you eat meat and grass fed animals that produce milk if you drink dairy. The fat from wild animals are actually anti-inflammatory, and inflammation of the gut is a root cause of many gut issues;
  4. consume foods that are mucilaginous (i.e. chia seeds) because they become a sub straight for good bacteria to grow on as things move through our gut;
  5. avoid known inflammatory foods like casein, lactose and dairy. People who come from historical lineages of ancestors who adapted to dairy should by no means avoid it, what we should avoid is the grain fed holstein cow milk that no one has adapted to;
  6. avoid gluten. wheat was mutated in the 1950’s using gamma ray radiation to create domestic hybrid seeds, and as such our bodies are unable to process it;
  7. add colostrum to your diet. approximately 4,000 studies have confirmed that it’s one of the most beneficial components to rebuilding your gut health;
  8. get out in the soil again, get exposed to natural water, good sunlight and clean air…without these elements we cannot have optimal health.

If you’d like to learn more about Daniel’s approach to your overall health, via his “rewilding” strategy, take a listen to this interview – “Rewild Your Ancient DNA”. It’s long, so watch it when you have an hour of uninterrupted time, but the ideas are thought provoking and informative so I promise you that it’s worth your time. (note: the explanation of rewilding starts at about 09:25 into the video)

  • that’s a lot to chew on. and I agree with everything – except:
    1) colostrum in the form of that weird potion made of cow milk – simply because cow milk molecules are not designed for humans or for human health and it’s close to perverse to steal that bit of milk from other mammals. maybe the studies found out that colostrum is beneficial for the exact species? any links? *sceptical look*
    2) eating meat to boost gut health (wut?). I don’t think – apart from the ethical point of view of course that everybody define for themselves please – that you can really find, today, a wild animal that’s not fed something humans thoroughly fucked up before like plastic & hormone disruptors in the water, pesticides in the plants, mr montgomery burns’ toxic waste and the like.
    3) might apply only for europe: organic canola oil is pretty safe here. that’s the solution, north america: import organic oil from the EU! 😀 and of course, we’re all watching you with hope re GMO ban. please, please, pretty please. don’t give up.

    • lifeinblush

      hey lady!

      awesome points…

      1. it’s important to note that bovine milk and bovine colostrum are actually not the same thing. the colostrum is produced immediately following birth and up until about hour 6 at which point transitional milk starts to be produced. At hour 8 the cow is fully producing milk. Most colostrum’s on the market are the transitional milk which has no benefit to us, and which is why some people may experience side effects (i.e from the lactose that’s starting to be produced).

      True bovine colostrum has a very similar molecular structure to that of humans making it very compatible for us to consume – apparently colostrum is even delivered to the home in India for medicinal purposes which began several thousand years ago with Ayurvedic physicians.

      Colostrum is nature’s first food and sets the the mammal for a life time of strong immunity. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need to consume colostrum (and take it from baby cows, agree with your point) as nature didn’t intend for us to do so after we were born, but we don’t live in an ideal world and we need to find strategies to heal ourselves so we can bring healthy offspring into this world. I dig a lot of digging for cited papers on this and came up with a few good links for you:;;;

      2. haha burns’ toxic waste. I don’t think the act of eating meat boosts gut health, but avoiding commercial meats which are inflammatory to the gut does. I agree with you – unless you raise the animals yourself or have access to a farm where you know how they’re raised chances are you’re not going to get a completely grass-fed animal. The closest I could find was an animal that had been grass-fed except for the last 6 months of its life where they fed it non-GMO grains to fatten it up. To me there’s really no point in eating meat for the very reasons you mentioned. Gawd humans tend to fuck everything up, non? (and for the record I’m very much against factory farming, mistreatment and the forcing of antibiotics and hormones on them, but rather showing them the love and respect they deserve and respect for the medicine they can produce).

      3. long live the EU!! NA is so behind in its standards that I wish we would take a page from the EU’s book. From cosmetics to food, and even to vegan wine! I went hunting for one after your article and I got glazed over eyes look from all the stores.

      thanks for you thoughts! Always love hearing what you have to say 🙂

  • Margie

    All of these suggestions from Daniel Vitalis make complete sense.

    Here is a snippet of a study by the University of South Carolina’s Center for Colon Cancer Research that recently looked at existing dietary data and found:

    “Foods high in saturated or trans fats,sugar and gluten are especially inflammatory on the digestive tract. Alcohol, white bread and milk (but not low fat milk) also are inflammatory. Fruits and vegetables and many non-processed foods are anti-inflammatory, and so are many spices such as turmeric, ginger, oregano and garlic.”
    Problem is we have negatively changed our diet more in the past 100 years than in the past 10,000 years.
    The time to reverse that change has come!

    • lifeinblush

      that’s so interesting! And all makes complete sense. We’ve moved so far away from how we were built to eat that at some point we have to come full circle.