October 1, 2013

pink october

pink fashion for breast cancer awareness month

Today is the first day of breast cancer awareness month! To celebrate and recognize such an important cause I thought I’d share a couple of things – some favourite pink items that promise to keep you in good health, and one of the most memorable rethink breast cancer commercials I’ve ever seen. Best part? The app is real! Download it for free on iphone or android and make sure you check your girls every month!

  • Garcy

    HAHAHAHAH! I was smiling ear to ear the WHOLE way through. I have to share this! Thanks for posting!

  • Margie

    What a fun way to make a very serious topic not quite so scary and glum. After all, early detection is what it’s all about, and in the end it can save lives.

    • couldn’t agree more! xo