October 1, 2014

outlander green beauty makeup guide

Outlander makeup guide_life in blush picks

Blushers, I have a new obsession. An obsession that saw me power through seven hours of tv over the weekend. At first I was only going to watch one or two, but then the story sucked me in.

outlander_je suis prest

Aye Jamie, I’m ready to watch the next episode. And the next. And next with ye in it.

Outlander does for 1743 Scotland what Downton Abbey does for 1912 England.
– Sonia Saraiya, The A.V. Club 

Outlander is based on the series by Diana Gabaldon and is about a married World War II nurse, Claire Beauchamp Randall, who gets transported back to Scotland in 1743. Where she of course meets a dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser. I know it sounds like Harlequin smut, but trust me this is a great show. If you love Downton Abbey or Rome then you’re going to love this.

Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire, has the most luminous and flawless skin so I was curious to see what lead makeup artist, Julie Kendrick, used on her. “Catriona is naturally beautiful and has lovely skin. That’s always a help when as a make-up artist your canvas is a good one!” (see blushers, what have I been telling you? It’s all about keeping your internal  health in balance).

Product selection wasn’t revealed which is ok because I wouldn’t have used any of it anyway. I much prefer to choose from a line-up of green beauty products to replicate the ‘un makeup’ makeup look, perfected by Caitriona.

If I was on set here is what I would use:

Outlander makeup guide life in blush picks_select

  • hair: wild mane oil by sigrid natural to keep locks naturally luscious ($31)
  • face: kari gran concealer in ‘medium’ to hide under eye darkness and any spots of redness ($8)
  • cheeks: w3ll people mineral blush in ‘luminous rose’ to bring a delicate, English rose flush ($26)
  • brows: kjaer weis eye shadow in ‘earthy calm’ to fill in an sparse areas ($49)
  • eyes: kjaer weis mascara to define lashes without being too dramatic ($43)
  • lips: nūdus lipstick in ‘halo’ to add just a touch of colour ($32)

Season 1 has 16 episodes and has already aired 8 of them, but are now forcing me to wait 6 months, 6 MONTHS, for the next 8. Are any of you watching the show? Let me know, I need to discuss!

  • Morgan Sansing

    I’m a naturalist when it comes to makeup. But I love to paint and makeup is similar…you’re work on OL is beautiful. The men’s makeup isn’t noticeable at ALL!! And the women…well…it literally couldn’t be more beautiful and fitting with their costumes and surroundings!

    Did you read the books????

    • Hey Morgan! I didn’t read the books, did you? The older I get I’m starting to become more of a naturalist with makeup us well, frees up so much time and it’s better to let your own beauty take center stage 🙂 xo

  • Kjaer Weis. Definitely on my list now. But it wasn’t the Irish supermodel who won me over, or your – as always – impeccable selection of colours and textures, it was the palm oil Q&A. Of course.

    Oh, as for the series. I’ve decided to not watch; it hasn’t come to Germany yet anyway. I have no time to follow up with “already-a-ftop-avourite” shows 🙁 as you know… and I’m definitely not a The Thorn Birds kinda gal; I mean, True Blood is probably the most “romantic” story I can stomach. Don’t judge!! XD

    However, the synchronicity of things rules. I can’t help grinning as I type.
    You see… *Why* I chose it is a whole new story in itself, but the fate wanted it this way – I’ve started learning Scottish Gaelic.

    • O_O you are?! That’s bloody brilliant! Are you taking a class or doing it online? I will of course forgive your transgression against Outlander and Thorn Birds as we have so tightly bonded over True Blood 😉 What did you think of the finale btw?

      • And the rocker dudes! The rocker dudes, you forgot 🙂
        Which finale? Be gentle, I’m always *seasons* behind… (spoilerzzz)

        I am learning with the help of a fun 30-days app made by native speakers. It’s so exciting! This is step 1, to see how far this gets me. I should look for a native speaker or maybe a coach to chat with sometime later. Telepresence I think. Too little time to hang out in coffee shops 🙂

        • The finale for True Blood..I won’t spill any spoilers, promise!

          Ahh what’s the app called? I want to learn too! I should after all make an attempt to get back in touch with my roots 🙂

    • Kristy Sorrell

      where can I find that palm oil Q&A? I’m trying so hard to avoid palm oil (particularly tricky with cosmetics).
      Aside, I just happened upon your website a minute ago! Looks amaaaazing, will be keeping a keen eye on it!

  • Margie

    Every bit as addictive as Downton Abbey! Great history lesson as well with more understanding of Scotland’s recent bid for independence. Don’t you love Claire’s circle scarf…what goes around comes around over 200 years on!!

    • I love her circle scarf! I’m going to hunt for one just like it on Etsy for the fall 🙂

  • I can see that we are both fans of Kjaer Weis, and for good reason. Lovely reccomendations, thanks for sharing my new addiction. 😉

    • haha indeed. I’m having an intense love affair with all things related to Kjaer Weis 😉

  • I’m obsessed with this TV show! I can’t believe we have to wait until
    April to watch the rest of the season – that’s just cruel :)) Have you
    read the books? They are as addictive as the show.

  • Guest

    I’m obsessed with this TV show! I can’t believe we have to wait until April to watch the rest of the season – that’s just cruel 😀 Have you read the books? They are as addictive as the show.

    • I started to, but then got distracted by reading Game of Thrones 😉 As soon as season one finishes though I’ll be reading book #2! Have you read all of them? There’s 8 in total right?