March 4, 2014

oscars 2014: best & worst

The Oscars this year was perhaps the best I’ve seen in awhile, or ever, so I’m sorry I’m late in posting this recap! Ok, lets get started with best and worst and then I’ll wrap it up with my favourite show highlights.

best & worst dressed


best dressed (lupita nyong’o) – I debated about this one for a long time because as soon as she stepped onto the red carpet I was yelling at the girls watching it with me that the headband had put her into an unfortunate ‘Cinderella’ territory. But after her emotional speech, and the more I looked at it, I began to see how she brought the dress to life. In a sea of strapless, safe dress choices she shined the brightest, and despite the headband (which I’m still against) she stood out above them all.

worst dressed (jessica biel) – my sister said it best when she exclaimed “oh my gawd why is jessica biel wearing a shower curtain?!”

best makeup

2014 Oscars: Best Makeup

The red carpet trend this year was clearly divided between those who opted for a peach lip and smoky eye or a bold scarlett lip, and while Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson were my top picks for who represented these trends the best, I was pretty impressed at how everyone looked very ‘put together’.

best accessories

2014 Oscars: Best Accessories

I normally don’t pay too much attention to Oscar jewelry as they’re pretty much a ‘big diamond something’, but Naomi’s intricate, web-like necklace and Lupita’s colourful rings and stunning gold snake-charmer bracelet really caught my eye. This is what the red carpet is meant for!

best dressed: maternity and man

2014 Oscars: Best Maternity and Best Dressed (Man)

Chris Hemsworth’s wife totally owned the ’20 months pregnant’ look and he ditched the boring ‘black and white tux’ for something much more interesting, a look that has a distinct ‘Don Draper’ air about it. Love!

oscar highlights

the pizza

oscars 2014_pizza

the selfie (brad gives the ok)

oscars 2014_selfie

the dance

oscars 2014_meryldancing

the kiss
(all right all right all right)

oscars 2014_thekiss

the win
(the speech and the genuine admiration from Benedict and Brange)

2014 oscars_thewin

the field
(me and my girlfriends squealed “not without my daughter!”)

2014 oscars_sallyfield

the brange
(they’re so stunning it literally hurts my heart to look at them)

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

What did everyone else think of the Oscars this year? I’m curious to know! Leave a comment and tell me your favourite moments.

  • Ainsley Congdon-Burke

    I strongly dislike the maternity dress! When I was pregnant, my cleavage was unreal! You don’t see any of her pregnant curves in that dress. The way it is gathered under the belly pulls in an unflattering way. Ick.

    I agree with everything else though 😉

  • Alicia

    O MG – I LOVE the gif of Brad giving the selfie the OK. I could rewatch this all day haha.

    • lifeinblush

      and Coops looked like he just won an oscar! I love that gif for both those reasons.

  • Margie

    Best Oscar show in a very long time!! This recap is perfect and echos all my thoughts except one. I felt the maternity dress could have been lovely but, to me, it looked like there wasn’t quite enough material so it pulled and stretched so much it ruined the entire look of the bodice creating one long line from neck to beyond the “20 months” belly!!
    Brange….nice ending to a fun recap. Loved it!

    • lifeinblush

      I’m surprised this wasn’t a favourite choice! I thought the colour and shimmer added some life to a very hard category (maternity) to dress for. What did you think of Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde’s maternity dresses?

      • Margie

        Yes, the color and shimmer were perfect, but not enough to save it from the over stretched bodice. Kerry and Olivia’s dresses were not as dazzling but both had an elegance that was actually enough.