November 11, 2015

november picks

life in blush november picks

I’ve been pretty hit and miss lately with treating you guys to a roundup of goodies that are catching my eye.

Ok way more miss than hit.

I am a sinner

But starting this month I’ll be adding it as a regular monthly series!

happy parks and recreation celebration celebrate chris pratt

Here’s what’s making the November cut for what’s worthy of your guilty pleasure:

  1. Kate Spade Two of a Kind Mask bottle opener ($40USD) – no explanation needed, this is a must have for the holiday season
  2. Oak + Fort D01 ring ($10) – simple and trendy I’m loving how easy on the wallet this ring is
  3. Alima Pure Natural Definition mascara ($28) – what do you get when you combine the no-flake power of a Kjaer Weis mascara with the drama you get from W3ll People? This. You get this and it’s bloody brilliant
  4. Rudsak Fleurat hat ($55) – I’m obsessed with the pom-pom on this hat. Does it make me feel like I’m 8 again? Yes. And I’m still obsessed.
  5. True Nature Botanicals Dead Sea Salts ($48 USD for 383 g) – the latest release from TNB, this blend of mineral rich, certified Dead Sea bath salts that moisturize, detoxify, and feng shui the mind would make for a super special holiday gift
  6. Province Apothecary Limited Edition Sweet Orange + Bay incense sticks ($12) – cinnamon, clove, orange 100% evoke such happy, happy memories of Christmas and it’s for that reason I’ll most likely definitely buy this in BULK
  7. Osmia Organics Special Release Holiday Evermint soap ($18 USD) – Sarah and the team at OO have taken soap making to a true art form and this vegan special release one is no exception. Pink clay, shea butter and coconut milk swirled with black spruce and wild mint is basically a candy cane for your body


  • Ugh, that’s how the pompom should’ve looked on my hat ?instead it turned out tiny and I’m too lazy to sew in a new one haha

    Great picks otherwise ??

    • haha umm I’m SURE your pompoms look adorable and will keep you stylin’ this winter season *shudders at the thought of “the air hurts my face” weather that’s coming*

  • That ring is everything…those incense sticks, the soap…ok, I must look away now. Too good, Woman. I feel the monster shopper in me raging to break free. A list of epic possibilities. Love!! Xo

    • Dooooooo it! haha I love being the shopping enabler 😉


  • environment11

    Yum. Want errythang…what’s wrong with me?

    • Not a gosh darn thing. BUY IT ALL! 😀 #preholidayindulgence