August 29, 2014

my signature summer look {tag!}

my favourite summertime green beauty look

Happy Friday blushers! An incredible green beauty blogger from Berlin, Nath of BEAUTYCALYPSE, recently tagged me to post about my signature summer look. What’s that bidness all about you say? Essentially it means that she posted her favourite summer look (here) and then called out to 10 more beauty bloggers on the interweb to do the same.

You know I love me a good beauty tag so here we go!

my favourite summertime green beauty look_closeup

In the summer I’m all about easy, breezy. I’d rather sleep buried under my covers for an extra 20 minutes in the morning than ‘putting on’ my face so I tend to keep it pretty simple. I like to use soft colours that bring out my eyes, a dabble of bronzer and blush to give me a sun-kissed look, a swipe of something pink for a kissable pout and that’s about it.

So what did I use?

my favourite summertime green beauty look_product details

I haven’t had to use any kind of foundation / cover up lately due to the ridonculous amount of good karma I’ve been putting out into the universe over the years (just kidding, I 100% credit the high quality cleansers, oils, and masks I’ve been using).

To keep the game going I now tag: Katie ( / Kim ( / Laurie ( / Lily ( / Nicole ( / Sabrina (


  1. Link back to this post so I can include you + and title your post as I have.
  2. Only use make-up products that you own for 6 months minimum. (This is BEAUTYCALYPSE’s rule, however full disclosure is that my mascara is only about 3 months. I never keep mascara for longer than that so if you’re the same then that can be your one exception. Giddy up.)
  3. Tag other 5 to 10 green beauty bloggers


  • You look stunning! What a babe! xo

  • SO loving this look on you, your eyes are mesmerizing!

    • Thanks love! And thank you for such an awesome compliment! I love the idea that my eyes could be described as ‘mesmerizing’ 😀

  • Beautiful look! I love the eye shades and the blush colour look gorgeous on you!

    • Thanks Amber! I hope you’ve been having a great weekend 🙂 xx

  • I was looking at your photos before reading the products you used and was thinking to myself “omg whatever foundation she is wearing I NEED IT NOW” and then when I saw you weren’t wearing any.. now I need to know what your exact skincare routine is ASAP because your skin is flawless. Literally. Your freckles are perfection. I’m also in love with the color of your eyes. Excuse my excitement but I’m having a little #girlcrush moment 😉

    • Ahh and now I’m blushing Britanie! I’ll have to do a post about my latest skincare routine as I’ve been experimenting with various EO’s and have had such amazing success. My latest obsessions are immortelle and black seed cumin. Hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend love! xo

      • Oh, please do share! I think many of us would love to do see an updated skincare routine of yours 🙂 You look glowing and healthy and beautiful. I’m in awe!! I adore Immortelle, have only used it in products with other ingredients, never on it’s own. I am using a product right now with Black Cumin in it from Odacite. Which Immortelle and Black Cumin are you using? xoxox

        • Will do! Right now I’m using the Dream Catcher Youth Serum from Camp Skincare which has both Immortelle and Egyptian Black Cumin Seed in it, but I was first introduced to black cumin through a bespoke facial oil Julie of Province Apothecary made for me. Living Libations also loves using immortelle so that’s my other source to feed the addiction 😉 Happy Friday!

  • What a gorgeous, subtly defining makeup look. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Megan! I’m just discovering your blog and love your categories / style of writing! Plus I love your “10 Random Fact About Me” – I identify with #1,2,4,5,6,7,10 😀 Are you based out of the USA or CDA?

      • Thank you! It means so much to me that you’ve checked out my blog. I am actually based in the US currently, but who knows what the future may hold?

        • ooh I love the idea of working/living in another country for awhile. Where would you go if you could choose anywhere? 🙂

          • That’s a hard one. Somewhere in Europe would be an amazing experience. Italy and London are definitely high on my list. I’d also one day like to visit Berlin and Amsterdam! What are your dream destinations?

  • Margie

    Fun! And looks so natural 🙂

  • You’re such a beautiful girl, Sonja, and you’ve created a summer look that perfectly highlights your natural gorgeous grace. Lovely colour harmony, too.

    Regarding my 6-months rule: hilarious 🙂 You’re the second one to point out the mascara thing. I haven’t thought about that because 1) I rarely wear mascara and 2) mine lasts for 6 months (say tube).

    • *major blushing* thank you for such a make-my-day compliment Nath! I loved this tag and I can’t wait for a christmas or nye’s tag-off 😀 I’ve seen a few companies that are coming out (or have released) gorgeous shades of emerald green eyeshadows that I already know what my staple fall/winter look is going to be 😉 xoxox

      • EMERALD GREEN? *faints*

        • I know right??!!! Be still my heart…

          • You’ve inspired me! And since I could not wait, I have created a very transparent and light petrol-emerald-lavender eye make-up today, peacock style in fact, but with a lot of buffing and blending with a large brush, and only little pigment.