August 27, 2013

my little green travel beauties

travelling with green beauties

When I first announced to my girlfriends that I was going to challenge myself to take only a carry-on to Europe they responded with simultaneous laughter. Well, I can’t really blame them – I would normally need a carry-on just to hold all my hair and beauty products. But take a carry-on I did and have never been more proud of myself.

Typically, when travelling, I would bring my everyday make-up bag that is a little on the err larger size. However this time around I whittled it down to a “few” essentials and beamed with pride over the much smaller bag. What I didn’t realize then was that European summers will literally cause the make-up to slide off your face. Every day was the hottest day of my life, and in the end my “few” essentials became much fewer. These little beauties were all I needed:

skin & hair care

  1. rms beauty raw coconut oil (not pictured since I forgot it in Rome…perhaps a sign I should go back?)
  2. kahina toning mist
  3. may lindstrom the clean dirt (not pictured as it was a sample from Garcy in an ‘un glam’ bag which she made me promise not to show!)
  4. graydon clinical luxury by nature the putty
  5. la bella figura barbary fig seed oil
  6. la bella figura bohemia verde aromatic hair elixir (it smells so damn good that I caught myself walking around sniffing the ends of my hair…the locals must have thought “zee crazy tourist!”)


  1. kjaer weis mascara
  2. kjaer weis cream blush 
  3. jane iredale lip gloss 

*this is pretty much me wearing no make-up

sonja, all-natural look

  • Britanie

    You don’t need an ounce of makeup. You are BEAUTIFUL! Those eyes 🙂 Do you like the Graydon Putty cream? I have been eying it. It sounds wonderful. How do you use it?


    • you’re TOO sweet! And totally made my day 🙂

      I do love Graydon’s putty cream! It’s rich and creamy without being too oily and absorbs quickly. However I know she’s discontinuing it soon. Reason being it’s hard to get a consistent looking product each time a new batch is made so you should pick one up soon before they’re gone!

      I used to use it primarily on the dry patches of my elbows and feet (because its so hydrating), but lately I’ve been using it as a night cream on my face – no complaints yet!

      thanks for saying hello!

  • Victoria

    Your skin is perfect! I would never wear a speck of makeup with skin that lovely! So glad you like the Bohemia Verde. 🙂

    La Bella Figura

    • Victoria, you always make me feel so good! I really love the bohemia verde, and my hair is in heaven 😀

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sofie

    Well done! And you look so amaaaaazing, wish I looked like that without make up 🙂 gorgeous eyes too you have!
    I would take the sign and come back, definitely 😉

    X Sofie (Practically Pure)

    • Hi Sofie!
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Before discovering natural products like la bella figura and may lindstrom I would never dare leave the house without make-up on. Now I feel confident enough to swipe on some lip gloss and a touch of mascara and go!


  • Alicia

    You forgot your coconut oil? BOOK THE FLIGHT !!! Great post – made me want to repack my carry on and go somewhere else!

    • you just made me think of the pinterest quote “just book a ticket and leave”…life is for the memories, get travelling again lady!

  • Margie

    Ahhhh……to have that skin and look that good without makeup!! La Bella Figura barbary seed oil is definitely on my wish list!!

    • definitely an amazing product to have on a wishlist! xo