June 5, 2015

my go-to natural summer bronzers

life in blush go-to summer bronzers

I love the sun. I can’t get enough of it, even when my skin is yelling

(because it knows that my lily white skin will only get so dark. And by dark I mean a shade slightly less than lily white).

So, knowing that I can’t walk outside and get a crazy summer tan, my favourite go-to bronzers to achieve a gorgeous faux glow are:

Happy Friday blushers! Thanks for joining me this week and have an awesome weekend! xo


  • Dana Wozenilek

    I’m loving a light bronze glow right now! I just picked up a wicked contour brush as well! ❤

    • Me too! I got a great one from Sephora. What bronzer are you using these days? xx

  • These are all gorgeous recommendations! I’ve also been looking at trying the bronzers from Alima Pure, Brija Cosmetics, and Pumpkin & Poppy.