June 16, 2015

‘get glowing’ summer look!

life in blush summer look

This summer I intend to glow! (Even if I can’t get there naturally)

A good summer glow starts within (lots of clean water and unprocessed food), but then you can take yourself into the bronzed goddess category with a few fey green beauty staples.

This summer my signature look will encompass three products for a fresh, glowing and cheery finish: ‘Naked‘ lipstick by Nudus, newly launched Bio Bronzer stick by W3ll People, and ‘Ginger‘ nail polish by AILA for a sweet punch of colour.

And it just so happens that I’ve got a giveaway happening right now where you can win my summer look!

Open to my Canadian and USA blushers, enter now as you’ve only got one day left! I’ll be announcing a winner tomorrow, perhaps it’ll be you! (click here to enter)


  • Kat

    Good Morning! Beautiful Bronzed Goddess 🙂

    • Afternoon darlin’! Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂 xo