November 17, 2014

my bespoke serum from the skin guru

Province Apothecary Fall Bespoke Serum for life in blush Me and the lady boss (or what I affectionately have come to call my facial skin) usually get along fairly well and I’ve come to anticipate what she’ll need when the seasons change or when my immune system is under stress, but every now and then I’ll have a WTF moment with her.

wtf_true_blood And that’s when I know it’s time for a visit to the skin guru.

Julie Clark, owner of Province Apothecary, is like a therapist for my skin. Last Thursday I went to see her to combat this unprovoked cluster of outbreaks that was rudely taking place on my cheeks and literally walked in exclaiming “Julie you have to fix me!”

A facial and a new custom blended serum later and I feel like I have once again gained the upper hand on the lady boss. I’m a firm believer that you can’t stick to just one facial oil blend as it needs to address how your skin is reacting both internally and externally and Julie’s blend for me this month consisted of:

black cumin seed oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba, raspberry seed oil, meadowfoam, calendula, borage, broccoli seed oil, camellia, avocado oil evening primrose oil, vitamin E, essential oils of: helichrysum, turmeric, clary sage, myrrh, frankincense. 

awesome Those were my thoughts exactly.

The oils she chose will work together to control sebum production, calm inflammation, reduce scarring and hydrate.

If you live in Toronto and have never treated yourself to a consult with Julie then you need to get on it! She’s literally a guru for your skin. (You can thank me later).

  • You’re custom blend this month looks soo good. I want it! Good to know that she does over the phone/skype consultations.. Though I am only a hop, skip & a jump road trip away. Maybe this will be my 21st birthday treat to myself this new year. <3

  • I’m speechless, it really sounds amazing! I’m a sucker for all the ingredients in this blend. I could move to Toronto, just for this (I’m exaggerating but still ;D) xx

    • I think that’s a perfectly logical reason in which to move to Toronto 😉 Hope you’re having a good week so far! xo

  • Lovely! we want to see her line in Europe too :-)x

  • I want a bespoke serum!!!

    • Treat yo self lady! Julie does phone/skype consults 😀

  • Julie sounds like a modern-day alchemist-for skin. What gorgeous ingredients and it sounds amazing! I have been covering this brand for a while now, thanks to glowing reviews like this. I wish they would open up more locations or that I lived closer! Regardless, if I’m ever in Toronto, I know what my first stop will be.

    • She really is! I had been battling a cluster of acne on my cheeks that was starting to scar and within 5 days of getting the facial and using her serum it’s almost gone and the scarring is quite faint. She is such a life saviour! I hope one day you get to visit her, but I know she does Skype consultations too 🙂

      • Wow amazing! I could use her expertise right now as my skin has been having a wtf moment definitely.