July 9, 2013

basic brushes

basic brushes / lifeinblush.com

Walk into any Sephora these days and bam! you have over 100 different brush options to choose from. A lot of them are essential to make-up professionals, but for every day use I find that I get along fine with seven basic brushes.

sephora concealer brush #57: synthetic round brush allows you to flawlessly layer coverage from light to heavy by depositing just the right amount of product ($24).

giorgio armani: ideal for contouring and blending eye shadow into the crease, or for highlighting under the brow bone ($41).

stila: flat and narrow brush offers precise lip colour application, which is ideal when wearing darker lip colours like red and deep plums. 100% sable hair ($24).

jane iredale: perhaps not an obvious choice for a powder blush brush, but it’s one of my favourites. Made with boar bristles, it sweeps the colour onto your cheekbone in exactly the area natural colour occur ($21).

bareminerals: dual-edged, use the pointed end with dry shadow to detail and highlight or wet to apply shadow liner; use the other end as an all-over lid brush. 100% natural goat and pony hair ($28).

make up for ever: designed with two layers of hair to create a sheer (light pressure) or satin (heavier pressure) finish when you swirl cream blush or bronzer from your apples across to your cheekbones. Finish the look by blending the edges with your fingers. Goat and synthetic hair ($40).

bobbi brown: finely pointed synthetic hairs make it a cinch to apply gel liner and feel like a pro. It’s my only go-to brush when I’m trying to create a winged eye look ($29).

As a side note, it’s important to invest in quality brushes as make-up will never look as good without the proper tools however, don’t feel like you have to invest in name brand brushes. What’s most important is that you look for brushes with sable, goat, squirrel, badger for powder brushes (eyes, cheeks, face) and synthetic for emulsion brushes (liquid/cream foundation and concealer, lips) as natural hair tends to soak up the emulsion.

  • Margie

    Long gone are the days of just using a brush for powdered blush…..learning curve!! Great list for anyone, especially those stuck in the 1950’s .. haha