May 15, 2013

my 5 minute routine

my five minute beauty routine / life in blush

When I was in my 20’s I used to spend up to an hour each morning doing my hair and make-up … why was I so crazy?

Ryan Gosling

Since I turned 30 I’ve smartened up (well really out of necessity for extra beauty sleep) and I’ve got my routine down to five minutes flat – using all organic products that give me a sweet ‘after-facial’ glow:

rms beauty ‘un’ cover up #11: this concealer has saved me so many times when my under-eye darkness has been at its worst. Creamy in texture, it blends into the skin seamlessly and doesn’t appear cakey whatsoever. The best part? It works to replicate the appearance of actual skin, hence the name ‘un’ cover up. ($42)

rms beauty un powder: helps to set the concealer and take away my T-zone mega-watt shine. ($40)

rms beauty living luminizer: another must-have product from this line, it delivers a natural glow that instantly brightens your face. Apply it to the top of your cheekbone and around the eye area, brow bone, eyelid, tip of your nose, and crest of your lip. Just think of all the points light would naturally hit your face, but be sure to check yourself in natural light before leaving the house to know if you’re you’ve applied too much. ($44)

pure+simple black eye liner: a matte black eye pencil, I use it to tightline my upper lids to give the appearance of a fuller lash line. (Tightlining, also known as the invisible eyeliner, is achieved when you line between the lash line instead of lining the skin above your lashes). ($10)

jane iredale ‘whisper’ blush: a soft apricot shade, this blush gives me a natural flushed look that really pops in photos! ($32)

lip gloss and lipsticks: as you can tell I’m obsessed with lip glosses and lipsticks. I have several at my fingertips as I never know what colour crave is going to hit me in the morning. My current go-to these days are jane iredale ‘soft peach’, revolution organics ‘integrity’, ILIA ‘blossom lady’, ‘neon angel’ and ‘arabian knights’ ($24 ea.), and BITE beauty ‘corvina’

tarte mascara: mascara is one item I can’t live without. For me it’s the finishing touch to my beauty routine – much like a painter signing their name to a work of art. ($25)


  • alicia

    I’m printing this for Victoria Day weekend shopping!