October 29, 2014

my 30 day hair challenge

my 30 day hair challenge

Women are slaves to fashion, makeup and in my case their hair.

My hair reaches more than halfway down my back and it’s thick. Wild and thick. Which I love, expect when I have to dry and style it. Even the assistant at the hair salon cringes when they realize that they’ll be the one drying my hair that day.

My hair takes 30-40 minutes to dry and if I want to flat-iron or curl it you can tack on another 20-25 minutes.


A month ago I decided to challenge myself to adopt a wash-n-go hair regime and while it may not seem like a big deal, it was to me. I have such paranoia when it comes to my hair, and the weird frizz/kinks that occur when I leave it be, that it’s almost become a compulsion to ensure it looks magazine-perfect before I step out into the world (lest someone thinks I look like a hot mess going through a rough time).

Here’s what happened during those 30 days, what I learned and the products that were literally gifts from the goddesses above.

>>what happened>>

The first week I felt weird because I was convinced everyone was staring at my clear ‘lack of effort’.

jdgngyMy saving grace however was a new shower filter that left my hair feeling baby bunny soft (and which had me obsessively touching it).


By week two I was trying many different oils, post-shower, to see what would tame the kraken (see ‘miracle products’ below)

Week 3 I felt comfortable enough rocking this wild, Outlander-ish hair to take it out for cocktails. Anyone who knows me well knows that not doing my hair to go out at night is huge.

Week 4 and I was all about the wash-n-go. It gave me more time to sleep in and it still looked good on day two.

>>what I learned>>

My hair can look cute with no styling, even for work or a night out.


Nobody really cares what my hair looks like. After all, beauty routines are typically what we do for ourselves. And other women.


I’ve been to obsessive about my hair for way to long. Lots of things matter more than standing in front of a mirror for an hour doing my hair.

Plus sleep is an amazing thing.


After 15 years of constant heat styling my hair has more than earned a break.


>>miracle products>>

  1. Living Libations shampoo and conditioner: I can’t and I won’t live without these two products. My hair has never felt better. ($36 and $42)
  2. Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream: I know that Josh puts a lot of research into his products so I wasn’t surprised when this worked like a bloody charm. It not only coaxed the frizz not to make an appearance, but it also helped to define my natural beachy waves. I used it both on damp and dry hair. ($35, available at Husk)
  3. La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde: this is a great oil to put in your hair as an overnight treatment, before a workout session or relaxing in a sauna (the heat activates the oils on your hair for uber softness post-wash), or simply on damp hair post-shower to smooth and control. Plus it smells ahhhhhmazing! ($32, available at Husk)
  4. Sigrid Naturals Wild Mane Hair Oil: I coat my hair with this oil and then throw it into a topknot overnight. You’ll be floored at how soft your hair feels the next day post-wash. ($32, available at Husk)

Now that I’ve gone 30 days without any styling tools I don’t think I’ll be quick to jump back unless it’s for a special event or I just want to have fun with it.


  • That styling cream sounds like it was made for me, haha. And possibly a silly question, but how do you work around staining pillow cases when you use something on your hair overnight? Do you just use the product mostly on your ends so that it’s pretty much wrapped up in the topknot?

  • Natasha Babcock

    I so envy you for doing this. Wash and wear is my dream! Maybe I just need some of that styling cream. 🙂

  • Ahhh I don’t think I could do that! As I have a a bob it neeeeeeeds straighteners 😐 well done for going 30 days, amazing!

  • Loved this! These days I’m all about wash and wear, but when I first gave up straightening my hair regularly, I had a similar experience. Ultimately I felt like I gained so much time in my day, but it’s so funny to look back and remember how stressed we can get over things like this. I definitely need to check out the Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream – it sounds fantastic!

  • Guest

    Hi, love your blog! I am a new blogger just starting out and would love to know how to reach out to brands and networking tips.

  • My hair is straight, thick, and easy to work with. However, I do battle an oily scalp. and sometimes, I get that weird one side is wavy, one side is straight. I’m definitely going to test out hair care products next!

    • Haha I can just picture your frustration over one straight and one wavy side. Any chance you’re a Gemini? 😉

      • Actually, my birthday was recent. I am on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio.

        • Ah no way! Gemini (me) and Libra’s are almost identical to each other in many aspects and we both possess a dual form of character. But Gemini’s are fascinated by Scorpio’s differences and therefore both signs form a formidable team. No wonder we get along so well! 😀

  • Nice selection of products!I wish I could try the shamppo and conditioner your mentionned. x