November 5, 2014

movember grooming essentials

Movember Grooming Essentials

I used to dread Movember, a month long journey where men collectively shun their razors to raise awareness for men’s health issues (like prostate and testicular cancer), because everywhere I looked hoards of men were sporting creepy pornstaches.

But in the past couple of years men have taken on a whole new approach and I see more woodsmany-type stylized facial hair that, coupled with a man bun, makes me want to applaud their good taste as they walk by me (applaud them, literally).

So mo bros, or ladies with mo men, here are a few good oils that’ll keep that gorgeous mug looking healthy and in pristine condition for the rest of the month:

  1. Christine Chanter Beard Oil ($30)
  2. Province Apothecary Beard Oil ($36)
  3. Uncle Peter’s Man Face/Beard/After Shave Oil ($11.99)*
  4. The Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil ($20)

*Uncle Peter’s Man is donating 10% of all proceeds in November to Movember.