January 17, 2014

meet carrie bradshaw’s “solemate”


Sarah Jessica Parker is getting ready to launch a line of shoes that even Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of.

Case-in-point: any woman who calls herself a true Sex and the City fan will instantly know what the ‘Diana’ reminds them of.


For those of you off your game today, here’s a little reminder…

The Mary Jane Manolo is still a shoe I covet to this day, but the ‘Diana’ from SJP’s collection will retail for a much more attainable price of $395. How can a girl say no to that?

Similar to her clothing line, SJP didn’t want to sacrifice quality in order to offer a more accessible price point, so she found a factory in Italy that shared her vision and would deliver on craftsmanship. I wonder if she will put out a “Chianti”?

Launching exclusively at Nordstrom on February 28, the collection will range from $195 to $485. Will you be lining up for this one or, like me, glued to your computer waiting for the online store to refresh its page?

Image courtesy of The Oprah Magazine