October 22, 2014

man enough for makeup?

Being man enough for makeup with green beauty

In the latest issue of Elle Man magazine one article asks if “you’re man enough to wear makeup?”. Umm I sure as hell hope not. I can’t think of anything less attractive than kissing a guy and realizing he’s wearing concealer. Because my mind would then start to wonder what brand he was using and if it has better staying power than mine. NO WOMAN needs to wonder that.


Cosmetic giants L’oreal and Estee Lauder have had their hungry eyes on this market for a while now as it’s projected to reach values of $6.1 billion in the US alone by 2018. The vanity within men, and the “me too” factor will inevitably push them (openly or discretely) into the beauty and skincare arena and when they do well-marketed lotions and potions will be there to cushion their fall.

Now, I’m all for men subscribing to basic maintenance like ensuring their cuticles are groomed and lips are soft, but there is a line I feel must be drawn and a hard reject given on some of the “whole new world of grooming options” offered up to men in this issue.

adam levine

But if you find your guy flipping through your beauty magazine then here are some nontoxic alternatives you can suggest to him.

>>lip balm>>

  • elle man reco: marc jacobs lip lock moisture balm ($29)
  • life in blush reco: hurraw! lip balm ($5)

>>flat-finish nail polish>>

  • elle man reco: evolution man pure matte nail varnish ($16)
  • life in blush reco: um no. Just no. If this varnish is meant to minimize unsightly cuticles just tell him to get a mani and use a hand cream like meow meow tweet cocoa skin cream instead ($22)


  • elle man reco: tom ford for men concealer ($44)
  • life in blush reco: again, I don’t agree, but if I had to my reco would be ilia beauty’s vivid concealer ($32). I’m just starting to test it and have been very impressed!


  • elle man reco: clinique for men face bronzer ($20)
  • life in blush reco: this is also getting into hard reject territory, but my reco is prtty peaushun body lotion ($27). Click here for my review.


  • I think part of the reason we see men wearing makeup as being a “no-no” is a societal standard. Just like how women wearing makeup are considered more “put together” and attractive. I mean, yes I am a fan of makeup. But, not what traits and prejudice are associated with it. On a lighter note, can’t wait to see your review of Ilia’s new concealer!

    • I definitely agree societal standards reject the idea of men wearing makeup because it would somehow reduce their masculinity, but for me the bigger issue is (as I analyze it a bit more) is that men are natural, rugged and real. And I cling to that. Having them now start to worry about their under-eye darkness, defining their cheekbones, or anything they deem as imperfections is equivalent to inviting them into a vortex of needing products to look “better” that women find themselves in. I too love makeup, but I also wish that society, beauty/fashion world put less of an emphasis on always needing makeup to look “put together” and instead allow us to feel comfortable enough to not wear a stitch of makeup out in public. Now to your lighter note, I’m going to try and get my review of Ilia’s concealer up next week! 🙂