May 12, 2014

maleficent-inspired collection

maleficent inspired green beauty makeup collection

I love Angelina Jolie. I don’t know if it’s hair envy, eye shape/lip envy or husband envy, but she definitely tops my girl crush list and is why I became so excited when they announced her as lead to tell the story of Disney’s most famous villain -Maleficent. Although click here to read why Maleficent’s heart actually turned to stone and then tell me if you think she should be cast as a villain.

The movie is being released on May 28 and MAC, in true form, is releasing a 14-piece collection just ahead of its release. When I read about the collection I immediately began to wonder what products I would choose for a green-beauty version.

Here are my picks!

  1. alima pure satin matte eyeliner in ‘black’ ($14)
  2. alima pure luminous shimmer eyeshadow in ‘papparazi’ ($14)
  3. alima pure pearluster eyeshadow in ‘champagne’ ($14)
  4. ilia beauty lip crayon in ’99 red balloons’ ($28)
  5. RGB 5 free nail polish in ‘black’ ($18)
  6. kjaer weis cream foundation in ‘like porcelain’ ($68)

To get Maleficent’s soul-piercing eyes start with ‘champagne’ as the base on your upper eyelid and brow bone; then take ‘papparazi’ (labelled as an eyeliner, but you can use as an eyeshadow too) and place it in the crease to create depth and contour the eye; finally use the matte eyeliner to line the upper and lower lash lines and truly define the eye. Just be sure you don’t overdo the layers as you don’t want to end up with a heavy, smoky effect. The trick is to pop your eyes and lips, and be confident about it!

  • Great post!

    • Glad you liked it and thanks for saying hello! xx

  • Garcy

    That’s so amazing you picked green alternatives to MAC products. You are the!

    • thanks lady!! I really want to start a makeup line just so I can release green beauty movie-inspired collections haha. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! xx