September 11, 2013

makeup tips & tricks

michelle dockeryImage courtesy of Harper’s BAZAAR

Flawless perfection in a bottle. Nothing makes us feel better than when someone exclaims “you’re skin looks ah-maazing!!”, but with so many types and shades of foundation on the market it’s easy to make mistakes. Through years of trial and error here are my top 5 tips to help you get it right every time:

  1. prep your skin – post-cleanse, apply a facial oil and let it sink in for a good 5-10 minutes. If you don’t start with a good canvas even the most expensive foundation will look awful.  
  2. matchy-matchy – this is the only time I will ever endorse those two words. No one needs to know where the foundation on your face ends and your neck begins, so dab it along your jawline and when you think you’ve got a colour match get a sample and take it home. Or run outside with a mirror. Store lighting is awful; only natural light will let you see if that colour is for you. 
  3. liquid or cream – unless your a tween, powder foundation doesn’t look good on anyone. It calls attentions to any fines lines you may be sporting, and gives you a dull, dry look.
  4. sponge is queen – I’ve tried brushes and my fingers, but nothing works quite as well as a cosmetic sponge for evenly distributing your foundation.
  5. go green – mainstream brands like MAC are filled with pore-clogging, toxic ingredients. Your skin still needs to breathe so choose organic options that will nourish and enhance its existing beauty instead. (Kjaer Weis has a cream foundation in the works that I am VERY excited about!)


  • Margie

    Every one of your 5 tips is important, but for sure the last tip is ESSENTIAL! It’s very encouraging to see the young women of today becoming more and more informed and more aware of how going green impacts their lives for the better. Wonderful post! 🙂

    • green goddesses are everywhere now! 😀