May 7, 2013

make-up tips & tricks

Flawless Cheekbones:

Cheekbone definition, a trick used by virtually all models and actresses is, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of your make-up routine because it adds structure to your face and can make it appear slimmer (if that’s a goal).

For me, I felt my face became rounder when I smiled so one of the first things I taught myself how to do was to create the appearance of flawless cheekbones.

The products you’ll need are: blush, matte bronzer, highlighter

Step 1: suck in your cheeks and sweep a matte bronzer along the natural dent in an upward motion to create a shadow effect and bring light to your cheekbones (definition can only be created through the use of shadow and light). Opt for a bronzer with a peach base if you have warm undertones and earth-toned if you’re cooler.

Step 2: place your blush on the apple of your cheek and sweep outward. If you’re unsure about what colour blush to get, apricot and rose are universally flattering colors.

Step 3: dab a highlighter on the upper part of your cheekbone and around the eye area in a C pattern. I prefer cream highlighters, but you also have the option of powder and liquid.

And that’s it you’re done!

  • margie

    So many helpful tips! Here is another great one to remember and definitely try!