May 13, 2013

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Claire Danes 2013 MET Gala

Claire Danes attended the 2013 MET Gala last week sporting one of her favourite looks – a heavy smoky eye and nude lip….and this is the sh*t that drives me crazy. Why? Because it’s all wrong for her. Claire is a celebrity and because she’s a celebrity there must be a ‘Team Claire’ (made up of a hairstylist, make-up artist and stylist) working behind the scenes to ensure she looks perfect every time she’s photographed. If Claire is doing her own make-up she needs to stop, and if she has help then they really need to stop.

Here’s my advice to Claire on why this looks fails:

  • First off, Claire you’re pale. Not only are you pale, but your hair is practically the same tone as your face. So when you choose an incredibly soft pink blush and lipstick your entire face fades into the background, except for your black rimmed eyes, and you remind me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Secondly, accept the fact that your eyes are hooded. When you have hooded eyes adding a heavy black liner and shadow on the bottom brings your entire face down and makes you look tired and old. You have money, PAY SOMEONE to be honest to you about these things.
  • Lastly,  if you highlight and contour your face it can do wonders to bring structure and definition, and help it from fading into your hair.

A few years ago Claire’s red carpet make-up was much softer and at times she even went for a completely natural look, which is perhaps my favourite for her because it brings a fresh, youthful glow to her face.

Claire Danes

I’m not sure why she turned away from this style, but if she’s looking to add a new member to ‘Team Claire’, well…..

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

  • Natasha

    I am forever seeking this blog for all makeup advice!

    • Hey Natasha, you just made my day 🙂 Glad you find my blog helpful!

  • Alicia

    haha – amazing way to start the week !!

  • Margie

    Right on!! Her makeup people are definitely asleep at the wheel. The comparison between the two makeup looks is SO striking you’d think someone on her team would have had second thoughts about “Cheshire” (or Claire herself….mirrors anyone?)