August 14, 2013

made in croatia

Croatian hand made soap

When you walk through the entrance to Dubrovnik’s old city you literally feel like you’re stepping back in time. Untouched architecture and incredibly old churches add to the charm of a city already made beautiful by its many cliffs and view of the Adriatic Sea.

Each morning locals would sell everything from home made olive oil and brandy to locally grown herbs, spices, flowers and fruit. I got there one morning as soon as they opened up shop (and before the heat made me want to combust), and came across a lady who made all her own soaps. And had such beautiful skin!

Always curious to know the beauty secrets of women from other countries, I asked her how she kept her skin in such enviable shape. It was surprisingly simple!

  1. never use commercial products with chemicals 
  2. don’t over wash your face and strip it of its natural oils
  3. swim in the ocean and let the sea salt sit on your skin and detoxify it (sea salt absorbs toxins from the skin)

All made from various herbs and flowers from her garden, in addition to luxe ingredients like olive and coconut oil and essential oils like lavender, rosemary and orange, I picked up a handful of her soaps for myself and for gifts. The best part of these soaps however, is the fact that her neighbour’s goat, Rosa, supplies the milk that goes into her goat milk soap! I love it so much. 


  • Tania

    These look lovely! Natural soap is always so pretty and definitely had some great tips 🙂 x

    • in addition to how cute they look their smell is incredible! The clothes in my suitcase have never smelled so good haha. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! xo

  • Garcy

    I love this! What an experience to learn from the locals.
    Those are great tips!