April 7, 2014

living libations open house loot

living libations everybody loves the sunshine and being free is lots of fun

Living Libations hosted an open house at The Big Carrot here in Toronto this past Friday and, despite the rain and transit delays that made it feel like I was travelling to middle-earth , once I got there and saw the massive spread of products laid out before me like some glorious alter of worship I knew I had arrived at my “happy place” – a place where I knew every product, whether I’d tried it before or not, would mesh with my skin perfectly.

cinderellaLots of women were crowded around the table, testing, sampling chocolate and exchanging tips and success stories with each other. I, at the back of this crowd, was basically hopping from foot to foot in unrestrained excitement trying to make my way to the front.

And then I made it.


Lawd help me, but I wanted to buy it all. Once I had calmed down I decided to buy the two items I had been wanting most lately –Everybody Loves the Sunshine, an organic formula of rich oils that help your skin to absorb nutrients from the sun (click here for details), and Being Free is Lots of Fun, a petal perfume that contains jasmine, ylang, lemon, grapefruit, massoia, orris root and vanilla (click here for details). 

There was one bottle of Everybody Loves the Sunshine left and a couple of us eyeing it. As I had been coveting this product for awhile, patiently waiting for the sun to make more than a two-second daily appearance to buy it, I was not going to lose out.

hunger games

Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but I did lunge for it.

After scooping these two beauties up I made my way to Nadine (founder of Living Libations) to make it official. Guys, she is as soft-spoken and wonderfully friendly in person as she is in all of her videos. She even took the time to genuinely chat with me despite the long line-up to pay. Nadine will be hosting another open house on May 4th so if you weren’t able to make it this time I highly recommend you mark your calendars!

Back to my new children though, I think these are two beautifully unique products, that I put to immediate use, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you in the coming weeks!

  • joyce

    How much were the products? Same as the website or a bit more pricier?

    • lifeinblush

      Same as what’s listed on their site!

      • joyce

        Thank you for answering!!!!

        I sent an email like 2 hours ago to abby@livinglibations.com, do you think it is too late?

        and were there ALOT of people, should i go early?

        • lifeinblush

          No problem!! I don’t think you have to worry about a late order. I got there to the event 30 mins before it ended and there was still lots of product left. At the time I went there was a good sized crowd but not overwhelming. I was still able to poke around and look at everything, but I would suggest going early if you’re not a fan of any sort of crowd versus a worry about product selling out.

          I’m planning to buy the gardenia perfume, sunscreen and toothpaste this time around. Whats on your wish list?!

          • joyce

            Wow, thank you so much!!
            I have oily and acne prone skin and i plan to get the best skin ever- seabuckthorn, rose glow serum, and zappity!
            Its going to be my first time using living libations!!
            Is there anything you recommend?

          • lifeinblush

            all good choices!! apart from that I’m a die hard fan of their shampoo & conditioner and toothpaste. I’m also using their dry brush with lymph tonic essential oil blend, but really when you boil it all down everything in that line is pure gold.

            Please let me know what you think of your goodies once you’ve had a chance to try them out!

  • I missed the open house on April 7th.
    Do you know where the open house on May 4th will be held?
    I tried finding out more information but I can’t find it anywhere.

    • lifeinblush

      Yes! It’s going to be at the Carrot Commons, 2nd floor (320 Danforth Ave) from 3-6pm. If you want to order anything specifically you have to email abby@livinglibations.com by May 1st.

      • Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be there. Do you know if there be sampling at the open house? I’m new the line and haven’t tried anything before so I’d like to test it out before I place an online order.
        I’m sorry for all of the questions. Is there an events page somewhere for May 4th?

        • lifeinblush

          It should be posted on their FB page sometime soon. I found out about it in their latest newsletter. At the last event you could try products on the spot, but they weren’t making samples for you to take home. That being said, the line is carried in The Big Carrot and they do make samples there…that’s how I initially tried the Best Skin Ever cleanser 🙂

          • I just signed up for their newsletter the other day so I missed out on it for this month. .
            Good to know that Big Carrot does samples, I will definitely check that out before we order.
            Thank you so much for all your help 🙂

  • Michelle Horgan

    I missed this one at Carrot 🙁 will definitely not miss the one in May!! Is it only offered during those times? Loving your blog !!

    • lifeinblush

      Hi Michelle! Ahh I can’t believe how late my reply is -please accept my apologies! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and say hello! Hope to see you at the event on Sunday 🙂

  • Livvy

    The animations made me laugh and that scent sounds very up my street xx

  • Margie

    Can’t wait to read your review on Everybody Loves the Sunshine serum. It sounds pretty amazing!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Really nice ! I hope I have the chance to try some of her products one day :-). My sister is going to Montreal and Quebec this summer, maybe she will have a chance to buy a couple of products there. x

    • lifeinblush

      I hope you get to try them too! They really are a very decadent treat for the skin 🙂 xx