June 10, 2014

lighting the fire within

detox with a sauna and rewild your health

Hello lovelies! When you think about ‘detoxing’ you probably have visions of green juices and food-elimination diets popping into your head right? Definitely great ways in which to cleanse the body when needed, but detoxing the body on a regular basis with a far infrared sauna is a strategy I’ve recently taken on to help rewild my health and eliminate my body’s toxicity.

Our skin is the largest organ of elimination and allows us to eliminate both water and fat soluble toxins, like lactic acid and heavy metals, through the process of sweating out water and oil. When we exercise our body functions off its sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight) and in turn shuts off the detoxification pathways; however when we’re in a sauna our body goes into a deep relaxation mode and our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is instead switched on. The PNS is the part of the nervous system that’s active when you meditate and when your body meditates stress is released and your body is able to eliminate deep toxicity that’s stored in the fat.

In an era of heavy toxicity and events that have severe impacts on our food sources, like Fukushima, incorporating time in a sauna whenever you can is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial health practices you can adopt.

Plus that kind of toxin release is going to give you damn fine, notice-me kind of glowing skin.



  • Margie

    That looks immensely relaxing and beneficial in so many ways! Time away from cell phones for one!!!