April 5, 2013

lady mary’s mary janes


Happy Friday! I’m an enormous fan of period dramas so it’s no surprise that Downton Abbey has become one of my favourite shows. I adore so many of the characters (I’m looking at you Lady Mary and Anna) and the storyline keeps me GLUED to the TV. Between the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s acid put-downs, Mrs O’Brien’s scheming and the scandalous affairs it’s pretty much a nighttime soap opera. Even the fashion and beauty industry has become just as addicted in what’s known as ‘the Downton effect’.

When I first saw this pair of Mary Jane Manolo’s I immediately had two thoughts: slipping these on would give me an immediate sense of Lady Mary’s sharp wit and no nonsense ways and how much fun it must be to work as a stylist on the show…actually to work on that show in any capacity would be amazing.

There are countless quotable moments from the series, but this is perhaps one of my favourites from Michelle Dockery’s character Lady Mary …


  • Margaret Ann

    Let the “Downton Effect” begin!!! Love the Mary montage!