May 23, 2014

kim & kayne’s italian wedding

kim kanye baby

Kim and Kanye are getting married in Italy tomorrow in what they are claiming to be “the wedding to end all weddings. Ugh. They’re such media whores, and yes yes I know this is nothing new. The whole shoot was over the top, which I guess was the point, but what made me do an especially huge eye roll was this outtake:

kim kanye car

Really? Kanye do you really have to have her against a car? Ok, I blame Grace Coddington (even though I love her!) as she would have styled this scene.

Anyway, as much as I didn’t want to play into the media frenzy I couldn’t help but wonder how she’ll do her makeup for the “wedding to end all weddings”. Most likely it’ll be her characteristic smoky eye with chiseled cheekbones and a nude lip, but if I was styling her I would do it a touch differently.

When I think of Italy I think of Sophia Loren and I’m reminded of the beauty of simplicity and of the earth, (gawd it pains me to say Sophia and Kim in the same post) so with that in mind here’s what I’d have her wear on her big media day.

Kims Italian Wedding Green Beauty Makeup So, will they live happily ever after and all that jazz?

kim kanye sunset

Ha! Yah right. I mean it’s Hollywood after all, but you can be sure of one thing -they’re both getting a pretty sweet pay-out from this day/business union.

Thanks for joining me this week and have a great weekend! xo

  • Call It Vanity

    Hah! It’s like a car crash, you can’t help but stare. Great picks though – I love Solar and Be Adored, really good combo.

    Mayah x

    • I know right?! following their wedding is my secret guilty pleasure (ssshhh).

      Did you see photos of the dress she wore? I actually really love it, because it reminds me of the dress Princess Grace wore back in the 50’s.

      Thanks for saying hello and hope you had a great weekend Mayah! xx

  • Margie

    It’s all a business union is exactly right…but SO MUCH ridiculous self absorbed decadence!
    Happy Weekend! 🙂