August 14, 2015

how to preserve the earth

how to preserve the earth with reusable products


Man belongs to the earth. Earth does not belong to man.

I’m not a plastic kind of girl.

Single use straws and utensils? Get that out of my face.

Throw-away coffee cups and plastic shopping bags?

Every square mile of ocean has 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it and in some areas there are 5x more plastic than zooplankton. Plastic has even been found in the bodies of plankton which means it has entered the food chain.

Shocking right?

The effect of plastic on the earth is more critical than global warming right now which is why we can no longer throw up our hands as if the problem is too big to fix.

We can fix it! Simply choose plastic alternatives whenever you can like these options:

  1. bag the habit luxe tote ($18)
  2. keep the cup 12oz brew glass coffee cup (SALE $25.40)
  3. bag the habit reusable produce bags 4pk ($19.99)
  4. amazon stainless steel drinking straws with cleaning brush (SALE $14.99)
  5. kikkerland birch paper straws 36 pk ($32.67)
  6. to-go ware repeat reusable bamboo utensil set ($18.41)

I use my bag the habit luxe tote and produce bags every week when I go to the farmers market and I’m never without my To-Go Ware bamboo utensil set (you never know when hunger can strike!)

Little actions like that can add up in a big way to help preserve our gorgeous planet.

bag the habit

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have an awesome weekend! xo

  • I just bought those straws a couple days ago! Can you tell me your favourite alternative to tupperware and ziploc bags?

    • Amazing!! With respects to tupperware or ziploc bags I keep a stack of varying size stainless steel or glass food storage containers on hand (like the ones on this site: It’s rare for me to use ziploc bags, but when I have to I’ll use them several times over and try my best not to have to throw them out. Hope that helps! xx

  • Margie

    It’s never too soon to teach the children to be stewards of their earth, mostly by example!

  • Eve

    Love this post. Such simple ways that make a huge difference. I’m also a big fan of glass straws, so easy to clean! I will definitely be picking up some of those produce bags.