November 2, 2015

how to keep your hands soft this winter

winter survival guide how to keep your hands hydrated

Now, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but autumn seems to be vanishing at an alarming rate!

It seems as if I was just trying to manage my oily face, caused by summer heat, but now with Christmas only 53 days away (utterly terrifying non?) and temperatures dipping to uncomfortably low figures, my mind is fixated on a new skincare survival guide that will keep my hands soft and hydrated all winter long.

Sudsatorium Dahl in the Family soap ($3.95) – on average we wash our hands 3-4x a day so its important not to use a drying soap. Women in India have been using ‘dahl’ (Hindi word for lentils) for centuries as a skincare aid because it helps with the production of collagen (who knew?!) and that coupled with the addition of soothing rose and chamomile essential oils is what makes this soap perfect for calming skin made sensitive by winter’s cold

Odacité Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy hand cream ($49 for 4 oz) – non greasy and extremely hydrating this cream is my daytime go-to option as you can massage it in and then immediately get back to the business of life (click here for my full review)

Beret Jane Miracle Salve hand treatment ($19 for 1.83 oz) –  Beret, a certified aromatherapist, created a salve infused with the strongest calendula extract in the world. Calendula, one of nature’s most potent healers, protects and repairs dry hands and is what makes this salve particularly special. I’ve been using it at nighttime with my cotton gloves and have seen a noticeable difference in the softness of my hands in the morning.

Curious to try Beret’s Miracle Salve? From now until November 30, 2015 GET 25% OFF when you use code “LIB25” at checkout.  


  • Beret Isaacson

    Hi Sonja, I’m so glad you like Miracle Salve! Winter survival is a great topic although I wish we could push it off another month or two. 🙂

    • Haha I wish we could too. I’m NOT READY for the shorter days and coooooold weather

  • Edyta

    Hello. You mention 25% off but what website?

    • Hi Edyta, the discount is for the Beret Jane miracle salve. Thanks for pointing out that wasn’t clear! I’ve updated my post.