January 19, 2015

how to get started with “green beauty” makeup

green beauty makeup starter kit

I have spent a lot of time living and just loving green beauty cosmetics, but I was in a salon this past weekend chatting with a stylist who was new to green brands and started to think about what products I would fill a green beauty ‘starter kit’ with.

Based on performance, quality of ingredients and price here are the top items I would recommend anyone who’s looking to switch from mainstream brands to cleaner ones try.

  1. alima pure bronzer ($24)
  2. camp skincare makeup remover ($15)
  3. treat collection nail polish ($19)
  4. w3ll people mascara ($26)
  5. kjaer weis highlighter ($67)
  6. ilia beauty lipstick ($29)
  7. sappho cosmetics blush ($24)
  8. kari gran mineral foundation ($25)
  9. w3ll people eyeliner ($20)

See any brands you already love or want to try? Let me know!

  • This all sound lovely as usual, Sonja! I can’t believe I haven’t tried CAMP Skincare, treat collection, or Kari Gran yet.

    • Ahh you must!! If you’re big on mani’s I would highly recommend you try Treat. It outlasts any other brand I’ve tried. Hope you had a great weekend Megan! xo