June 29, 2015

how to create flawless skin naturally

how to create flawless skin naturally

If you’ve never had skin issues as a teen or adult you need to email me immediately, as you are a lucky, lucky human being and I want to meet you.

For most of though (myself included) acne,  inflammation, eczema, psoriasis are just part of regular life and the riddle we’re constantly trying to solve. Even as adults.

Up until my mid-20’s my acne dominated my chin and even creeped up alongside my cheek. To make things even better it was the kind that, as soon as it went away and left a scar, a new one would take it’s place. Oh and due to stress from working at an ad agency a horrible rash exploded from my chin down to my neck.

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I seriously needed to re-evaluate it.

Plenty of dermatologists were to keen to throw Cetaphil, steroid creams and a host of other synthetic products  my way to fix my issue, but knowing how none of that worked I took control of my skin naturally.

(Literally what I want to do to all the health care professionals that would rather push synthetic solutions rather than educating themselves and therefore create a viscous cycle of skin problems)

It’s not to say I don’t have the occasional unwelcome pimple or bout of eczema (which is only your body’s way of saying it’s out of balance), but for the most part today my skin is pretty darn good.

Here are the 5 skin hacks that worked for me, and while I’m not a licensed expert in this area, I do believe in the power of the results I’ve seen and am confident it will help you too on your path to glowing skin!

>>Drink ‘Un-processed’ Water & Use a Shower Filter>>

Your body is made up of approximately 70% water and the type of water you choose to drink has a significant impact on your health and the health of your skin.

Fluoride, just one of many chemicals found in tap water is disruptive to our thyroid and our skin’s microbiome, it softens bones and interferes with collagen production. Spring water, or water that comes from an aquifer and has been cleansed naturally by the earth, is the best water you can give your body and is the only water I’ll drink.

Click here for my in-depth article on this subject and where you can find a source close to you. And click here for the shower filter I currently use.

>>Detoxify Your Skincare Routine>>

We can drastically alter our skin by what we put on top of it. Products from giants like L’oreal and Estee Lauder will act like a humectant, providing hydration in the short term, but in the long term they severely dehydrate the skin and destroy the delicate microbiome instead.

If you want glowing skin you need to throw out everything from a drug or department store and find a nontoxic brand of skincare and makeup that you trust.

My site is full of recommendations for both, just take a browse through!

>>Eat Clean, Real Food>>

People are being overfed, but at the same time they’re also starving to death. When we eat food that’s processed, packed full of sugar and has little to no nutrient content it’s not illogical then to think that the exterior manifestation of our body’s struggle to cope will appear through our skin.

Learn how the food you eat is grown; and if you can incorporate as much clean, wild food from farmer’s markets, instead of supermarkets, you’ll notice a huge difference in the quality of your skin.

I’m also a huge advocate for incorporating super foods like schizandra berry, chaga, pine pollen, colostrum, chlorella. These are gifts from the earth that you only need to try to believe in their power.

If you’re looking for a company that supplies supplements to help you achieve health sovereignty check out Surthrival.

And if you need a reason to cut refined sugar out of your life read my article cupcakes & cocaine.

>>Honour Your Skin With Sunshine>>

We live in a world that fears the sun, but your body was designed to harmonize with the sun. There are thousands of Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) that live on your skin and need to be activated by the sun. When we deprive ourselves of sunshine we open ourselves up to bacteria that can invade these receptors and interfere with our immune system. Studies have even shown that people who suffer from eczema have low levels of Vitamin D.

The sun provides us with essential nutrients which cannot be substituted with a supplement. The Vitamin D we get from the sun is water soluble, which means it travels through the blood differently than that of a supplement to lubricate our internal system with these important nutrients.

(If you plan to be out in the sun longer than what your skin can handle click here to find out what sunscreen I use.)

>>Be Happy>>

One year later from the most soul-crushing break-up, I find myself to be genuinely happy because so many good things are taking place in my life, both professionally and personally.  And I realized the other day that I’ve never received so many “you’re absolutely glowing” comments as I have now right now in my life.

Being stress-free and happy is sometimes easier said than done, but like everything in life it’s a choice. You can choose to wear your stress and misery as a shackle or you can choose to rescue yourself.

Do you have your own tips on how to take control of your skin naturally? Dish below!

  • Booya!!

  • Evelyn

    Hi – maybe you can recommend a suggestion. I don’t live near a spring (I’m in NYC). I already have a shower filter. Any other suggestions for my drinking water source? Looking forward to hearing back… tx.

    • Hi Evelyn!

      I have a few suggestions for you that I hope will be helpful. I live in Toronto and the closest spring to me is about an hour’s drive away so when I can’t get out there I buy Mountain Valley Spring water which comes in 2.5 or 5 gallon glass bottles and is an extremely high quality source of clean spring water. If you can’t find that brand (it comes from Maine) then I would try researching any water available to you in glass containers.

      In addition, and as a side note, if you ever drink water that’s been demineralized make sure the TDS (total dissolved solids) is between 100-400 ppm (parts per million), as recommended by the World Health Organization.

      If it isn’t then an inexpensive way to remineralize your water is by adding small amounts of a whole, unrefined sea salt or land salt and then measuring the amount of minerals with a TDS meter. Unrefined salts contain a natural balance of trace elements in addition to sodium chloride, and a TDS meter reads the content of minerals in water in PPM. Place the electrodes of your TDS meter into your water to get a baseline reading, and then begin adding very small amounts of your whole salt and stirring. Once fully dissolved, recheck again until you reach your desired TDS reading.

      Hope that helped! Any other questions feel free to shoot me an email (sonja@lifeinblush.com) or leave a comment 🙂

      • By the way, I just met with Dr. Pratima Raichur of Pratima Skincare. As expected she’s a wealth of knowledge and insight. She sells magnets to leave in water overnight that ionize the water. I’ll try to find a link to it but she’s very careful about sourcing magnets for health as the cheaper ones actually have an adversarial effect and devitalize the body. Eek!