December 23, 2014

holiday gift guide

green beauty holiday gift guide under $75

When it comes to Christmas shopping I am admittedly the absolute worst for leaving things to the last minute.

Do I enjoy the hot, crowded malls filled with crying babies and panicked people? Or the mad dash to find that perfect gift? I, my friends, do not.

So why do I leave it all to the end? Good question. I may have to venture out on a vision quest to answer that.

Today you’ll find me running around Toronto trying to wrap everything up so the magic of Christmas Eve can seep in while I’m relaxed sipping on some mulled wine (and not desperately trying to calm an eye twitch as I stand in a mile deep line waiting to pay for my purchases.).

If you find yourself in the same spot as me today, here are a few ideas to help you bring your Christmas shopping to the finish line like a boss. Feel free to tweet me here if you want my opinion on anything!

But if you’re already sipping on that mulled wine because you finished your shopping ages ago, well I applaud you. With admiration and envy.

  1. The 7 Virtues ‘Patchouli of Rwanda‘ ($70 at The Bay; here’s my review)
  2. Kusmi TeaAnastasia‘ + Taza ChocolateGingerbread‘ ($27.60 at The Detox Market)
  3. Living LibationsClay Toothpaste‘ ($16 at the Health Hut Boutique)
  4. Graydon All-Over Soap Shampoo + Hair Smoothie Conditioner ($48 at Husk)
  5. W3LL PeopleBio Extreme Expressionist‘ mascara ($26 at The Detox Market)
  6. Province Apothecary Basic Daily Essentials ($44 at Province Apothecary)
  7. Treat Collection nail polishes ($19 at The Detox Market)
  8. Kahina Giving BeautyFez Body Serum‘ ($39 at The Detox Market)


  • These are all lovely picks! I am such a fan of W3LL People and their mascara and I’d love to try Province Apothecary, Treat Collection, and Living Libations.