August 23, 2013

green beauty skin care tag

Hello blushers! I’m back from my great European adventure –  20 days. 3,000 photos. 6 passport stamps. Countless memories and laughs.

While I was away the awesome miss Pemberley Jones  tagged me in this fun green beauty blogger skin care tag that had been going around, so today I’m delving into my skincare routine and sharing my favourite beauty tips.

describe your skin care routine in 5 words:

How about just one? Uncomplicated.

It’s taken my skin a really long time to find the kind of enlightenment and inner zen that allows me to leave the house without a coat of war paint on. A high quality cleanser, facial oil, exfoliator and hydrating treatment is all I need to maintain the feng shui I’ve got going on.

me and my sis

Bare face (except for my guilty secret of wearing mascara to the beach) with my gorgeous sis in Croatia

what’s your skin type?

As mentioned above there used to be a war raging on between being too oily and severely dehydrated, but now it’s pretty balanced. My only concerns are keeping fine lines at bay for as long as I can, and controlling my under eye darkness so kids don’t recoil in horror if I forget to put concealer on.

what’s your favourite skin care product?

I have so many favourite children, but if I had to choose it would be a tie between a facial oil and exfoliator. Nothing beats the feeling of ‘underbelly of a goat’ softness I get when I scrub away oil and dirt build up, and then massage a luxe oil onto my face.

top blemish zapper:

Can’t offer any real insight on this one because since I switched to natural skin care and makeup I haven’t had to deal with any pesky spots. However, should the universe see fit to strike me down with a blemish one day I would probably turn to manuka honey or May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver.

face wipes yay or nay?

Even though kaia bamboo cloths are good in a pinch, gun to head I’d have to say nay because they don’t give your skin the good cleanse it needs on a regular basis. The running joke with me is that no matter how late I come home, or how tipsy, I always wash my face before bed…and then wake up the next morning completely amazed I did this.

toner, yay or nay?

you betcha! Even though my routine is pretty simple I’ve recently started using Kahina’s toning mist and, apart from the delicious scent, I love the cooling feeling it gives me – especially when I use it on days of extreme heat. A mist isn’t a must-have in my beauty routine, but it’s definitely a nice treat.

high-end skin care or high-end make-up?

skin care, since make-up will never look good on poorly cared for skin.

what’s the most unusual skin care product you’ve tried?

hmm…as boring as this may be I haven’t tried anything too unusual, but me and my girlfriends were just chatting about Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial…scientifically this makes sense, but damn that’s weird!

you’re in a pharmacy and can only pick up one item – what is it?

Like Pemberley, I would pick up something kind of hair thingamabobber. I have no creativity when it comes to styling my hair so any kind of gadget that can give me an effortless, chic look I’ll take 10 of them.

tell us your top skin care tips:

  1. nourish your body. when your body is in complete feng shui your skin will give you this happy, healthy glow.
  2. OD on water. your skin is the last organ to receive hydration so in times of high stress or hot weather it’s even more critical to drink up. How much is enough? Take your body weight and divide it in half- that’s how many ounces of water you should be guzzling daily.
  3. you are what you eat. want great skin and lots of energy? take hard look at  what you’re eating. Think about tossing refined sugar, dairy and white starches and watch any skin ailments clear up.
  4. trust your skin. there are a lot of incredible green beauty skin care products on the  market today, but your skin knows what it needs. And most often it’s simple and uncomplicated. Find that one, two or three products that make your skin light up like you on Christmas morning and stick to it.
  5. wash it off! unless you’re handcuffed or in a coma there’s no reason not to wash off your make-up every day. Each time you sleep with it on it ages your skin 5 minutes.
  6. don’t hide. if you’re following tips 1-5 then chances are you have a dewy, gorgeous complexion. Don’t hide your beauty with tons of make-up. It’s only meant to enhance beauty that’s already there.

That’s it for me! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had creating it. Big thanks again to Pemberley Jones for tagging me!

I tag: Stephanie from S Green Juice because she seems like an awesome girl that hopefully I’ll get to meet one day.

I’d love to hear what your answers would be to these questions – especially if you have any tried and true blemish zappers!


  • Britanie

    Loved your answers and also I adore your freckles 🙂


    • aww thanks! I’m finally embracing and loving the explosion of freckles I get each summer 😀

  • Ainsley

    I meant to ask this earlier, but momma brain kicked in and I forgot!!

    Question…what do you use for under eye circles/darkness??

    • Hi Ainsley!

      Apart from a healthy diet, loads of water, beauty sleep, and organic skin care (which all help to fight under eye darkness!) I have a three step process – I promise it’s quick and easy!
      1. I first layer on a brightener like rms beauty living luminizer
      2. then I apply a cream based concealer (I use rms beauty ‘un’ cover up #11)
      3. finally I set it with a finishing powder like rms beauty un powder.

      Hope all is well with you and baby! xo

      • Ainsley

        I’ve always been prone to under eye darkness, *huge sad face* Diet and water intake are pretty good, it is the beauty sleep that I’m lacking 😉 blame that on the baby (who is a joy otherwise!). I will take a look into your routine and see how that helps!

        • lack of beauty sleep will definitely aggravate it 🙁

          I wish there was a magic bullet, but lifestyle and genes account for a lot. However, products can certainly help and one product I could recommend, if you’re willing to splurge a bit, is the La Bella Figura Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum. It contains barbary fig seed oil, which fights free radicals, and vitamin K, which can help stop leaky capillaries – one of the main reasons for dark circles. Topped off with coffee bean, tomato seed and argan oils this product now has a cult following for its ability to decrease puffiness, reduce darkness and hydrate the delicate under eye area.

          You only to use a small amount with each application so it should last you quite awhile making the cost per use mere pennies 😀

          Let me know if you end up trying it!

  • Alexis

    Great post! If you ever need a blemish zapper check out Osmia Organics. It’s my hands down fav for stopping breakouts.

    • awesome! I’ll keep that in my back pocket if I ever need it (*knock on wood I don’t!*).

  • Margie

    Lots of fun reading this post. You both look fantastic with such glowing, well cared for skin! Good job keeping the sun from making raisins 🙂

  • Alicia

    great post! I miss the beach already!