January 13, 2014

golden globes 2014: best & worst dressed

golden globes 2014 best dressed

best dressed (L:R)

  1. jennifer lawrence – apart from loving J. Law’s red carpet personality and her spot-on fashion choices, this Dior Haute Couture included, I also relish in the tiny details…on her nails is “Bitches Brew” from Deborah Lippmann. The only other accessory I would have styled on her is this ring.
  2. michelle dockery – with a high-low hem michelle, and her gorgeous porcelain skin, looked classic and elegant in this embellished oscar de la renta gown.
  3. cate blanchett – always a red carpet queen, cate impresses upon us an absolutely regal presence in this lace armani creation.
  4. amy adams – in a sea of black & white, metallics and neutrals I love how amy stood out in this shades-of-red dress, and didn’t overshadow the elegance of simplicity with too many accessories. She also wisely chose to make double-sided tape her best friend.

golden globes 2014 worst dressed

worst dressed (L:R)

  1. anna gunn – I’ll never stop yelling “why?!” at the screen when actresses show up in an outfit (I’m talking makeup, shoes, accessories) that is practically flesh-tone. I’m judging extra hard on this one.
  2. paula patton – “we need more shoulder ruffles! more ruffles!” said no employed stylist ever. If you couldn’t find Kleenex at the Globes it was because ever last one was used to make her dress.
  3. zooey deschannel – love the girl, hate how that dress cuts her in half and washes her out.
  4. berenice bejo – when you focus in on the furry growth sprouting from her shoulders and hips you forget the dress looks at least one size too big for her.

 golden globe highlights:

  1. Elisabeth Moss giving the etalk mani-cam the finger (click here) ….and then she won an award. So fitting.
  2. Matthew McConaughey accepting his award as his character from Magic Mike
  3. Bono prepping Amy Poehler for ‘the win’ (click here)
  4. Amy and Tina’s supermodel jab at Leo (click here)
  5. J. Law photo-bombing Taylor Swift (click here)


  • your writing cracked me up 😉 and I’m not even much of a red-carpet-spotter.
    it’s like comedy week on beauty blogs this week. have you read sarita’s piece on aging. *chuckles*

    • lifeinblush

      yeeeesss! I’ve made you into a convert…or at least of the recaps 😉

      I just read Sarita’s aging article – too funny. I was actually laughing to myself at my desk. Aging suddenly seems less traumatic? Although I like to think of 40 as the new 20 so I have nothing to fear (I’m sure your fervently nodding your head right now *smiles*)

      • fervently, yes!
        40 is the new 20, aaaaaand of course we need to prepare in advance – which is what we do. (here you are nodding and smiling, riiiiight?)

        • lifeinblush

          oh I’m totally nodding and enthusiastically murmuring how right you are 🙂

  • Margie

    Those fun highlights are a show in itself!!

  • Alicia

    love this recap!!!!