June 26, 2015

glamping: the top 5 green beauty essentials

top 5 green beauty essentials to take glamping

It’ll come as no surprise when I say I’ve never been into camping, despite my intense love of nature, but glamping …  now that’s a concept I can readily get behind!

I have yet to go on such a trip, but when the opportunity presents itself these are the five green beauty gems I’ll be taking with me:

  1. Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance: rather than use chemicals to keep the bugs away, Aromaflage instead uses botanical extracts. An age-old tradition that was first used by the ancient Romans and Greeks and is still used today throughout tropical regions, this “bug perfume” smells incredible! I’ll be hiking in the mountains of Vancouver soon and I can’t wait to test it out.
  2. Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc: the only sunscreen I’ll use because it’s just that good. Click here for my full review
  3. Fable Naturals Lip Balm: fair trade certified and organic, this lip balm is also made from a 100% compostable tube so you don’t have to worry about littering the earth if you lose it.
  4. True Nature Botanicals Pacific Mist: with a couple of refreshing spritzes any time of the day, your skin will stay hydrated thanks to ingredients like sea kelp, green tea, star jasmine and neroil essential oils. Click here for my full review
  5. Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn: save precious space in your bag with this incredibly effective oil cleanser that also does double duty as a moisturizer.

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can! xo

  • I like where your heads at lady! I would be more open to camping if there was a portable bathroom and a tent that had flooring plus an inflatable bed so I wasn’t on the ground…but maybe that’s no longer camping haha

  • I can’t imagine anything worse than camping haha! But these picks on a glamping trip are certainly something I would be into!

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  • Lovely picks! I’ve definitely got my eye on Aromaflage and Living Libations.

  • The number 4 sounds nice…I would love to try it !!x