May 9, 2014

game of thrones skincare

game of thrones the nights watch skin care3

This could be just me, but do you feel like hipster beards have exploded overnight? Everywhere I go I’m faced with perfectly groomed beards which brings me to my current obsession: Kit Harrington’s Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow of The Night’s Watch, and his rugged beard. I’m actually obsessed with his direwolf, Ghost, too -can you imagine how bad ass you’d be walking down the street with one of those?! – but that’s a different story.

Nerding out over Watching Game of Thrones this week I spent a good amount of time ogling Jon and his perfectly imperfect beard and started to wonder what skincare he would use, if you know that was actually a thing up there at The Wall, and settled on these three natural products to protect that gorgeous mug of his:

  1. Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap touted as “the mountain in a bottle” I figure it doesn’t get more manly than that ($30)
  2. Christine Chanter Beard Oil jojoba oil and woodsy cedar keep whiskers glistening ($30)
  3. Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash at the end of a hard day of fighting something has to wash the grime and blood off right? ($29)

Blushers, thanks for joining me this week and have a great weekend!

  • Haha love the theme of this post as a Game of Thrones addict, and my bf also has a bit of a hipster beard going on at the moment so I will definitely be recommending these to him! 🙂 x

    • lifeinblush

      haha hipster beards for all!! Let me know what he thinks if he ends up trying them 🙂 xx

      p.s.have you read the GOT books?

  • I feel a connection to this post because of the name of our blog. HA! Good LAWD, Jon Snow is so attractive. Anyway, if I had a beard, I would be such a prima donna about it. I would want all the beard oils in the world. Now, to pawn your picks off on all of my male coworkers…

    – Jennifer

    • lifeinblush

      haha very true 😉 I really want Grey Worm to hook up with Khalessi’s lady maid – even though I know it’s physically impossible.

      As for Jon, he’s SO attractive. Almost hurts my heart how hot he is. Kinda of competes w/ my love for the dirty hotness of Jax (Sons of Anarchy) 😉

      Happy Friday Jennifer!