April 19, 2013

friendship bracelets

friendship bracelet

If you were a kid in the 80’s then you know how awesome it was to make friendship bracelets. I remember my big sister and I making bracelets that were multi-coloured, patterned and pastel (mint green was my favourite!) and nothing beat going to school the next day feeling like you had the best one.

Friendship bracelets suddenly made a comeback last summer, but the ones I saw in the shops had too much of a designer feel. Now, I’m a girl who loves her some designer labels, but the friendship bracelet territory is sacred. I want a friendship bracelet to remind me of those two little sisters making bracelets, while the younger looked up to the older to teach her how.

The Links of London bracelet is gorgeous, but the Stella & Dot gives me the best nostalgic feeling. Plus, at at a fraction of the cost I won’t feel guilty buying a few of them.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

  • Alicia

    there was nothing better than those friendship bracelets. Great post!

  • Margaret Ann

    Everything old is new again!!! Imagine paying so much for a Links of London bracelet! Hope you saved all of those great bracelets!