May 24, 2013

friday fashion

neon fashion crave /

Lately, I’ve found myself crushing hard on any kind of neon yellow fashion and I’m not sure why. I’ve always shied away from neon colours, too afraid of walking into a room and having my outfit shout “HI I’M HERE!”, but it’s like that moment in Pleasantville when Reese Witherspoon sees colour all around her – I too have suddenly opened up to a whole new world of colourful fashion. Neon yellow is such an easy and versatile colour to incorporate into your wardrobe and instantly brings a fun, flirty vibe to any look.

Here are the fashion pieces I’m currently craving:

Thanks for joining me this week and have a great weekend!

  • Margie

    What a lovely, “sunny” way to end the week! 🙂