August 15, 2014

forest therapy

Juniper Ridge and Province Apothecary

When you can’t get to the forest, bloody well bring the forest to you.

Juniper Ridge’s Yuba Trail Crew Soap and Province Apothecary’s Black Spruce + Fir Balsam incense sticks are my favourite go-to products when I want to transport my mind out of the city and into the forest for a little aroma therapy. Both products emit a scent that is so close to what an actual forest smells like that sometimes I’ll just sniff them on their own for a quick hit when I need a mood boost. Like I said, when you’re stuck in an urban jungle you need to get creative and improvise ways in which to feng shui your mind.

Happy Friday blushers! Thanks for joining me this week, I hope you all have a great weekend! xo

  • Deep sigh…Your photos evoke scents and sensations! These look lovely. XOXO

    • ahh that’s such a great compliment coming from you, Sarita! I hope you get the chance to sniff these two beauties one day, it truly works to feng shui the mind 🙂

  • Margie

    What a delightful way to get out of the city….forest aroma’s anytime without inhaling synthetic versions. NICE