April 9, 2013

five beauty mantra’s

mother daughter beauty

I sometimes wonder, if I had a daughter what beauty tips would I share with her? What would I tell her, after my own years of research to always keep in mind as she grows up? I could list countless application tricks or what the best products are, but if I had to choose only five I think these would be the ones I’d share:

  1. Spend as much time learning how to be healthy as you do figuring out how to apply makeup. Healthy skin is makeup’s best canvas 
  2. Never hide your face with makeup, but enhance it’s beauty. It’s there 
  3. Focus on one feature at a time. Don’t make a bright lip compete with dramatic eyes
  4. Smile often. You will be remembered for it long after you lip colour fades away
  5. Love who you see in the mirror


  • Cecilia

    Well said! Will definitely share these tips with my little girls…

  • Alicia

    love it!

  • Margaret Ann

    Such an adorable picture that says beautifully how mother and daughter connect through their desire to look the best they can. Five great tips!