August 12, 2013

finding green in barcelona


Before I headed out on my great European adventure, camera and journal in hand, a reader left me a note that her favourite green mascara was Couleur Caramel, an organic line based out of Paris. She mentioned it was usually sold out, so I when I stumbled upon it in an aveda salon in Barcelona I was quite surprised and ecstatic!

Looking at the line-up of products my eye immediately went to the liquid eye liner with the pen-like tip (since organic options are rare to find), but as my luck would have it all the colours were sold out. They did however have a couple of mascaras left, so I quickly exclaimed “yo quiero uno, por favor!”

The mascara wand has a spiral shape which makes it easy to grab and coat each individual lash. I didn’t have a problem with lashes clumping together upon applying, and it did what it claimed to do in that it lengthened my lashes. At 20€ I wasn’t a huge fan of the packaging, especially when you compare it to the sexy containers you get with kjaer weis, but the most important things are ingredients and performance.

couleur caramel mascara

The ingredients are 21% from organic farming and 98.9% from natural origin; it lengthened and is easy to wash off, but there was some under eye smudging. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know that racoon eyes are a major pet peeve of mine so I wouldn’t buy this mascara again. Apart from that though, it’s a fairly decent organic mascara.

On a final note, I spent four incredible days in Barcelona and, besides my new found love for the city, its food, architecture and culture, I noticed a few things about Spanish women that I want to try and incorporate into my own life:

1. Spanish women wear little makeup because they have beautiful skin (in my mind it’s because the heat makes you constantly sweat out toxins) and loads of makeup would only dampen that natural glow.

2. Hairstyling means swimming in the ocean and letting the salt water work its magic. I don’t have an ocean outside my doorstep at home, but I can worry less about making my hair look perfect.

3. They love and take pride in their bodies, no matter the shape. There is a take-me-as-I-am attitude that I find incredibly appealing.

4. Making time everyday to socialize with friends and family is vital – I believe because it makes you feel connected and happy, which in turn keeps you healthy and beautiful.

I’m in Croatia at the moment feeling like I’m living in a postcard each day. I will post again soon about my discoveries in this beautiful country!