July 19, 2013

fashion friday

happy endings

When ABC announced that they were cancelling Happy Endings I went through the emotions pictured above by the Kerkovich sisters – disbelief, annoyance and anger, and finally sadness. Apart from being hilarious, the ‘supah cute’ ladies on the show were always impeccably styled. However, it was Jane’s fashion I zoned in on whenever she appeared on screen.

happy endings - jane and brad

Control freak, perfectionist, “I took control of my destiny and changed my birthday” Jane had a very professional/preppy style, with great attention to accessories and details. After three seasons of absolute tv bliss here are the top fashions lessons we can learn from her:

  1. add a belt to any outfit and instantly define your waist
  2. outfits should never be matchy-matchy
  3. treat your mani like an accessory – don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and throw in an accent nail here and there
  4. crisp, well-tailored shirts make you look polished and established – not boring
  5. sleeveless tops look best when paired with well-toned arms (time to haul ass to the gym!)
  6. don’t hide your gorgeous self with make up – keep it simple and fresh
  7. sweater vests can actually be fashionable (no I’m serious! click here)
  8. colour blocking, printed pants and bright colours should all be embraced

Need a Jane fix? To help you cope with the loss of a great show here are my favourite Jane moments:

happy endings bird

happy endings bird

happy endings 5:30am

happy endings bangs

happy ending not my jam

happy endings beautiful minding it

happy endings helpful


  • asti

    Oh my gosh, I miss this show so much… I can’t believe they cancelled it, bad decision! I still re-watch their episodes over and over again, never get bored. Do you watch Arrested Development?

    • I know right?! I LOVE jane & brad…can never get tired of watching that show. Also watch arrested development! Have you seen the latest season on Netflix?

  • ALicia

    I can’t talk about how much I love this post. Waiting for all 3 seasons to come out on DVD.

  • Margie

    “I’m just aggressively helpful”…soooo funny!! Great post!! 🙂 Happy Friday!