July 5, 2013

fashion friday

jennifer lawrence_paris fashion week 2013

Jennifer Lawrence attended the Christian Dior F/W 2013 Haute Couture presentation this week wearing a pink lace crop top and a skirt/pant bottom from the Dior Resort 2014 collection.

Take a moment and let that last part sink in…

It’s pants AND a long skirt. And with a blue accent running down the side that reminds me of a pair of track pants this has to be the worst outfit I’ve seen her in.

An article posted on Lainey Gossip covering the skirt/pant situation points out the fact that it will bring convenience and versatility to your life. Umm…whose life? This may make me the most non fashion forward thinking person, but I can’t see how I would EVER incorporate that into my life.

Blushers what do you think? Fashion fail or find?

  • Garcy

    Well this just looks like they’ve run out of idea’s. Serious. Fail.

    • it totally does! creative exhaustion at its best.

  • Alicia

    haha – good point Cecilia! Agreed – I will not be incorporating the skirt/pant combo into my wardrobe.

  • Cecilia

    Of course an article found on Lainey Gossip would say that about this catastrophe, clearly Lainey and team have NO fashion sense.

  • Susann

    Well… Looks comfortable. ­čśë

    • haha perhaps for a little house cleaning? there’s no way I could step outside wearing that thing – I swear the neighbourhood dogs would laugh at me.

  • margie

    My first thought….. it looks like a grade 8 home economics class sewing project gone VERY wrong!
    Not only does it look awkward, imagine how awkward it must feel to wear!!