June 28, 2013

fashion friday

wedge & sneaker heel

Wedge sneaker. Sneaker heel. Love ’em or leave ’em? I prefer my shoes to be who they were meant to be so when my friend first told me about the sneaker wedge/heel I had to let my feelings be known.

jennifer lawrence

After some time I think I’m ready to get on board with the wedge sneaker because they kind of remind me of my favourite high tops when I was a kid, but this sneaker heel love child creation just throws me into an angry spiral. And don’t even get me started on this ‘mountain woman can be glam’ sandal heel by teva. I mean really. REALLY. Did this unholy creation really have to see the light of day? Oh and the best part is that it’ll cost you $330. Spiral.

shoe tragedy - teva high heel sandal


Blushers, thanks for reading and have a great weekend! And to my blushers in Canada have an awesome Canada Day!

  • Alicia


    Heeled Teva’s?? no NO.

  • margie

    Happy Canada Day Weekend!!