June 21, 2013

fashion friday

how to mix prints - stripes and florals! lifeinblush.com

It may be my upcoming trip to the European coast, but lately I’ve been crushing hard on nautical style clothing – especially tops. Stripes are the easiest pattern to mix into an outfit…which brings me to my other latest obsession, experimenting with pattern-mixing.

An editor at Vogue once said “If you can’t match it, clash it”, but how do you know if you’re cute-clashing or just plain clashing? Mixing prints has always intimidated me, however after pouring through fashion magazines I’ve decided to get over this one fashionably heeled step at a time. First up on my mixing prints to-try list: stripes and florals!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

  • Margie

    European coast ready!!! FUN! 🙂