December 27, 2013

fashion friday

emerald of the equator

happy friday blushers! When I first saw this ring there was no question as to whether it was becoming part of my collection. Unique and fierce, it kind of makes me feel like Maleficent when I wear it -in control and determined without all that nasty ‘being evil’ business of course. Perhaps she was just a seriously misunderstood woman.

The Zamrud Khatulistiwa (means ‘Emerald of the Equator’ in the Indonesian language) claw ring, designed by Amelia Rachim for Mejuri and available at Aime ($219), is made of sterling silver plated in 18k yellow gold and holds an emerald Swarovski stone.

Want one of your own? Contact Monica (owner of Aime) at

Thanks for joining me this week and have a great great weekend!