November 22, 2013

fashion friday


Today, rather than talking about ‘clothes’ fashion I thought I’d talk about ‘soap’ fashion. You know what I’m taking about. The kind of soap that’s too pretty to use except for guests, or to treat yourself on very special occasions (well maybe even not then…I mean what if you had surprise guests coming the next day??).

Piggy Soap was created by Kazu Namise, who was first introduced to soap-making by her Japanese grandmother (I’d just like to point out that Japanese woman have the most beautiful skin!), and it actually feels like each piggy was handmade with love. Containing only five basic ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, oats, almond oil, raw cacao butter, fulphyl*, this too-cute-to-use-I-want-to-use-it-as-decoration-instead soap will cleanse, heal and hydrate.

piggy soap - in the molds!

Piggy Soaps getting made! I can’t tell you the joy it brings me to see those little piggy faces…I’d probably name each one of them. Ok and give them little life stories.

piggy soap - all boxed up

If you’re like me and would save them for your guests, keep these in mind when you start your holiday shopping. What cute stocking stuffers these would make!

*check out Piggy Soap’s home page for details on fulphyl

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  • Margie

    Wouldn’t these darling soaps be perfect for encouraging little ones to wash their hands while having fun too!!

    • lifeinblush

      You’re so right!! I wonder if my 3-yr old niece would have fun with these? Or be like her aunt and put them on display? 😉 Happy Friday! xo

  • I’d want a set a piggies with glasses ’cause that’s how I roll. They are beyond cute!

    • lifeinblush

      haha me too. I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid so it’s only fitting that my piggies do too  Have a great day hun! xo